It’s Snow Much Fun!

Published January 13, 2011 by glaumland

Little Girl has a big day today. Her class at school is taking a field trip to go skiing. It will be her first time and we were all excited for her. There’s some hilly areas north of KC, so it isn’t like she will be alpine skiing or anything, but it is probably a great place to learn. I can’t wait to hear her chatter about it later today.

The kids have been out of school for the past three days thanks to the snow and cold weather. Monday was the only bad day really, but county roads don’t get much work done, so we tend to have more snow days than the city schools.

Our yard looks snow-mageddon with tracks and trails everywhere. No pristine snowy beauty for us! Then yesterday Little Girl and her BFF (who’s currently hobbling around with a bruised knee) decided to do some crutch-racing around the yard. How funny!

Little Boy spent most of his time inside playing with his Lego’s and doing some science experiments. It’s fun to watch and listen to him pretend, as that is something that is only recent to his development. Now he’s figured out the next Lego’s that he NEEDS, so good thing he has a birthday coming up, it’s something for him to look forward to.

I didn’t get as much quilting done as I would have hoped. Never do with the kids around. I did get the blocks done for the next baby quilt. I’m doing an off-set cubby-hole with a Noah’s Ark print for the center, then coordinating colors for the blocks. I couldn’t really find any instructions, so I’m making it up as I go. Hopefully it works out OK.

The fabric is mostly black with a stripe of animals down either long side of the fabric. I’ve picked up some color from he animals to use as the edges of the blocks. It will be colorful. And unusual, I guess. But relatively easy and fun. Now if I can just keep those kids in school so I can have some time to finish.

Until next time…


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