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Hamburgers Don’t Grow On Trees

Published February 20, 2011 by glaumland

Little Boy was enjoying a hamburger the other day. Looking at the seeds on top of the bun, he suggested that we plant them so we could have a tree with all of the hamburgers we want. My two thoughts…how cute, and I wish.

We were driving for a while on the road to go see family, so we went thru a drive-thru restaurant. We don’t usually indulge, but Little Boy is going thru a growth spurt and is constantly hungry these days. And when you’re a little boy and hungry, there isn’t time to wait.

Luckily, there are lots of items on the dollar menu to choose from. Good thing, because that’s about all we can afford these days. It seems between the gasoline, the groceries and the electric bill, my checking account is running low earlier in the month than usual. We’re watching for sales a lot more closely, as well as stocking up on generic food and lots of potatoes and rice to stretch meals out.

The government may say the economy is doing better, but I disagree. I still know too many people without jobs. The price of everything is going up. Even the feed for the critters is going up, which means it is costing us more to feed ourselves. And as long as there is no extra money to spend, there is no recovery. Economics for Dummies, legislators need not apply.

I wish hamburgers grew on trees. I know how to grow trees.

Until next time…


Maggie The Glaumland Snow Hound

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

I see that the Scottish Deerhound took first prize at Westminster last night. Here’s our own dear Maggie, maybe not first prize material, but tops in our hearts.

A snout full of fresh snow


No time to visit...gotta run!


Howdy everyone!


The mutt is out of her rut!

Until next time…

Not A Cat In A Hat But A Goat In A Coat

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

Mozzarella sporting the latest winter fashion


Something is afoot, or afeet as the case may be. Little Mozzarella is in the motherly way, and I’m afraid it may be twins. It runs in the family, as she was the smallest and last of a set of triplets. Mozzie is very pushy when it comes to people (since she is one herself), but at the bottom of the goat-em pole. We’re having trouble getting her to keep her weight on during this extremely cold weather.

So what to do? Electricity is sky-rocketing, and the goats won’t necessarily stand under a heating lamp. They’ve got lots of bedding and a nice shed. Hmmm…what’s left. Why a coat, of course. A goat coat that is. I pulled out an old goosedown vest I got about 25 years ago for $10. A bargain then and a bargain now. It fit perfectly, snapping under her belly. Now my goal is to keep an eye out for other clothing so all my goats can be so well dressed.

Mozzie warmed up and continues to grow very matronly looking. Can’t wait for the kiddoes to arrive.

Until next time…

Snowy Trails To You

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

As we speak, the weather outside is foggy and cool, but our warm up this past week has nearly melted all of the snow. Now we’re left with mud and muck, yuck!

But I wanted to throw in some of the pictures from our blizzard. It was so beautiful and peaceful, especially from the inside looking out..ha ha!

Looking towards the barn & the little pasture

Looking towards the woods

Need to scoop a path


It didn’t take long after the snow quit and the sun came out for the kids to be outside going everywhere. Any area of fresh snow is seen as an untouched canvas, waiting for trails and snow angels to appear. Other trails appeared as we went out to do chores, hauling food and water for the critters and hauling wood from the shed. So we have to appreciate the fresh blanket of snow for the short time we see it.

Until next time…

Ronald McDonald Captured By Food Terrorists…Buy More Fries!

Published February 5, 2011 by glaumland

Ronald McDonald

OMG! What is this world coming to?

This is part of an advertising campaign of the Food Liberation Army of Finland. I’m guessing that it really isn’t Ronald that they are after, but more transparency when it comes to food ingredients and business practices in the fast food industry. The question is: does this kind of stupid stunt work? Sure, they are likely to get some attention, but will their message get through or will they be branded as nutters and get dismissed?

But you know, I’ve got demands, too. I want more food included on the dollar menu. I want McD’s to keep in all the flavor & texture of their french fries but get rid of the calories. I like getting large unsweetened iced teas for a dollar. And I want bigger breakfast burritos, still for a dollar.

But hey, shouldn’t somebody call Burger King and tell him to be on the look-out for danger?

Until next time…