Ronald McDonald Captured By Food Terrorists…Buy More Fries!

Published February 5, 2011 by glaumland

Ronald McDonald

OMG! What is this world coming to?

This is part of an advertising campaign of the Food Liberation Army of Finland. I’m guessing that it really isn’t Ronald that they are after, but more transparency when it comes to food ingredients and business practices in the fast food industry. The question is: does this kind of stupid stunt work? Sure, they are likely to get some attention, but will their message get through or will they be branded as nutters and get dismissed?

But you know, I’ve got demands, too. I want more food included on the dollar menu. I want McD’s to keep in all the flavor & texture of their french fries but get rid of the calories. I like getting large unsweetened iced teas for a dollar. And I want bigger breakfast burritos, still for a dollar.

But hey, shouldn’t somebody call Burger King and tell him to be on the look-out for danger?

Until next time…


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