Not A Cat In A Hat But A Goat In A Coat

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

Mozzarella sporting the latest winter fashion


Something is afoot, or afeet as the case may be. Little Mozzarella is in the motherly way, and I’m afraid it may be twins. It runs in the family, as she was the smallest and last of a set of triplets. Mozzie is very pushy when it comes to people (since she is one herself), but at the bottom of the goat-em pole. We’re having trouble getting her to keep her weight on during this extremely cold weather.

So what to do? Electricity is sky-rocketing, and the goats won’t necessarily stand under a heating lamp. They’ve got lots of bedding and a nice shed. Hmmm…what’s left. Why a coat, of course. A goat coat that is. I pulled out an old goosedown vest I got about 25 years ago for $10. A bargain then and a bargain now. It fit perfectly, snapping under her belly. Now my goal is to keep an eye out for other clothing so all my goats can be so well dressed.

Mozzie warmed up and continues to grow very matronly looking. Can’t wait for the kiddoes to arrive.

Until next time…


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