Snowy Trails To You

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

As we speak, the weather outside is foggy and cool, but our warm up this past week has nearly melted all of the snow. Now we’re left with mud and muck, yuck!

But I wanted to throw in some of the pictures from our blizzard. It was so beautiful and peaceful, especially from the inside looking out..ha ha!

Looking towards the barn & the little pasture

Looking towards the woods

Need to scoop a path


It didn’t take long after the snow quit and the sun came out for the kids to be outside going everywhere. Any area of fresh snow is seen as an untouched canvas, waiting for trails and snow angels to appear. Other trails appeared as we went out to do chores, hauling food and water for the critters and hauling wood from the shed. So we have to appreciate the fresh blanket of snow for the short time we see it.

Until next time…


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