Silence Of The Goats

Published April 10, 2011 by glaumland

Today was one of those tough days in the baby-hood of kid goats. Time for dehorning, castrating and tattooing…ouchies come at them from every side. Luckily they are pretty forgetful and pretty forgiving.

Dehorning is one of those tasks where you learn as you go. There’s no practicing beforehand. Using a hot iron with a goat attachment lets you burn just the area around the horn bud, but it is hard to know exactly how long to leave the iron on. All of the advice I can find say ‘until there is a copper circle around the bud’, but that is like the old cookbooks telling people to leave the food in the oven until almost ready. How long exactly is that?

This dehorning was actually round two for the older kids. We didn’t burn deep enough last time (don’t want to fry their little brains!). The three we worked on today got to have a little chemical-induced nap before their procedures. Better for them and much easier for us.

Life can be tough when you are a goat…good thing they are getting lots of loving and petting while they are here!

Until next time…


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