Is There An App For That?

Published May 30, 2011 by glaumland

I just got a new phone, one of those kinds that you can have apps on. Not one made from fruit, more like a little robot. You know, one of those that has an age limit on figuring out how to use it.

I still haven’t figured out how to answer a phone call without hanging up on the caller. Oops! Sorry! (Leave a message and I do know how to call back.) And if you touch it in the wrong places it makes all sorts of weird beeps at you, as though I were physically harassing my phone. Harumph!

But I do have a GPS-thingy now so I should be able to get to places I’ve never been before. And I have a beeper to remind me to take my medicines. And I can see texts messages and email. The camera/camcorder has great resolution with tons of storage. I’ve found some games and some trivia apps (name that president, international countries & their flags, name that periodic element, name that letter from the Greek/Russian/Hebrew alphabet…all for free).

I have an Adobe viewer and a micro-Office program. That’s tremendously helpful for school and work-related items. Unlimited internet with lots of weather information – a must for this time of year. I especially like the little weather show that occurs when my phone comes on…if it is raining a little wiper cleans the screen. How cute is that?

My favorite apps though so far are my Kindle viewer and Google Sky. The Kindle (free version for phone) ‘clouds’ with my laptop Kindle (free version for laptop) so I can keep up wherever I am. And there are lots of good, free books out there (many classics). I’m reading Ben Franklin’s Autobiography – what a really interesting man.

Google Sky is pretty cool. It figures out where I am with the GPS thing and shows me the stars and constellations that are overhead. Then as you turn different directions it rotates the display. So totally awesome, and beats using flashlights and books.

Next I’ll be looking for the apps that make the kids do their chores or change their attitudes. I’m sure they won’t be free, but a peaceful summer would be worth any price.

Until next time…


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