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Merry Christmas 2013!

Published December 18, 2013 by glaumland

Merry Christmas 2013 from Glaumland! It’s been a fun & eventful year and there is so much to share. Tony has stayed busy at Burns & McDonnell bringing a very large project in New England to near completion after several years. This last month he was selected by the B&Mc board of directors to become an associate with the company. What an honor! He had a terrific garden this year even though the weather was odd – lots of tomatoes, peppers, peas and onions, but no fruit again this year. He did cut and split lots of wood and filled the shed so we are ready for a cold winter. Tony & the kids continued in TaeKwonDo all year and earned their purple belt in November. I’ve stayed very busy this year. I still work at Ridgeview Animal Hospital, and I’m in the final stages of completing my Master’s degree in Public Health. I did an internship with the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Dept this summer and fall, and my goal is to give my Master’s Report in March – finally! Jenn is a freshman at Basehor-Linwood High School. The picture below was her 9th grade graduation dance. She picked the dress and looked amazing and so grown up. During the summer she worked with our friends and tended gardens, picked veggies & flowers, then spent Saturdays working at the Farmer’s Market. She knows how to work hard! She still plays cello in the orchestra, sings in the HS choir, and is involved with the Youth Group at our church, Risen Savior, Basehor. Jake is now in 5th grade at Linwood Elementary – his last year there – playing viola, a whiz at computers, and dreaming big dreams. He had fun this summer visiting grandparents, swimming and riding his bike. He’s growing big and growing up. He likes to help Dad work on the cars and show off his muscles doing chores. We’ve had a lot of fun family time this year as well. In March we took a long weekend and went to Wichita to the Zoo and to a train show (Jake still likes his trains). In May we had the opportunity to drive our car around the Kansas Speedway – Tony got to live his dream of being a race car driver (but in an old Buick!). The kids are hooked on the show Storm Chasers, and last spring were able to meet Reed Timmer during School Day at the K (Royal’s stadium). That’s Jake sitting in the Dominator. Now both kids want to be meteorologists and storm chasers (gulp!). This fall we went to Hutchinson to the 100th Anniversary of the Kansas State Fair. Our families are wonderful. My parents gave up their K-State season football tickets, but stayed very busy with church and grandkids. My brother’s oldest daughter is getting married the weekend after Christmas. Tony’s parents have stayed busy traveling to see family, working and completing projects and gifts. As for our critters, we still have our horse & pony, lots of goats, 3 dogs, 4 cats, lots of chickens and a guinea. Foxes and other varmints have been bad this year; just last night an owl was perched by the chicken house looking for an easy meal. It’s always an adventure! We miss you all and think of you often. The kids are always asking stories about when we were younger so it’s fun sharing memories with them. Please stay in touch by email ( or on Facebook (lots more pictures). God Bless You in 2014!

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