Our Hollingshead Family

Roy Ivan Clarence “Rich” Hollingshead (1918-1988) married Agnes Luella Bretton (1922-2004).

Hollingshead Family Surnames

Atweeke, Audley, Baker, Baldwin, Beamon, Bicknell, Bligh, Bliss, Bretton, Bridges, Brittain, Brook, Browning, Burrows, Callum, Capen, Chalker, Chapman, Clapp, Clark, Cooke, Crosby, Crosse, Dormer, Dunckhorne, Elsdon, Enderly Fickel, Ford, Foster, Frye, Fuller, Gator, Gibbs, Giffin, Gipe, Gutterson, Hand, Harnden, Harris, Hatch, Havens, Hawes, Hele, Hepworth, Hervey, Hinckley, Holcombe, Hollingshead, Holmes, Howe, Hulins, Hulme, Hungerford, Hyde, Hynckleye, Iddenden, Jackson, Johnson, Kaye, Lawrence, LeMahieu, Lynde, Mahieu, Maxson, Maxwell, McKenzie, Mercer, Miller, Moger, Mosher, Newton, Nye, Perrye, Preston, Purchase, Radcliffe, Rockwell, Rowley, Schleiermacher, Sciebell, Shelley, Slaymaker, Smith, Soole/Soule, Spencer, Street, Thompson, Tompkins, Towne, Towner, Tupper, Ward, Warren, Water, Weeks, Wetmore, Wheeler, Whitbread, Whitfield, Wickes, Wilcock, Wilcox, Wyke


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