Our Rohmeyer Family

Harry Lee Rohmeyer (1914-1981) married Doris Mildred Price (1916-2004).

More info at http://www.edlnklgen.com/pcr100108/index.htm

Rohmeyer Family Surnames

 Barnhill, Barr, Bergey, Brobeck, Carpenter, Carter, Clinefelter, Close, Cozault, Dixon, Fankhouser, Fenton, Few, Flick, Frey, Funk/Funck, Funkhouser, Habegger, Harlan, Hillman, Hochstrassen, Hoobler, Kaster, Kearns/Kairns, Kundig, Mathews, Meili/Meylin, Meyer, Milne, Muller, Naf, Nead, Price, Rohmeyer, Saunders, Schowalter/Showalter, Spears, Talbot, Tanner, Tarleton, Thompson, Todd, VanPelt, Walley, White, Wuthrich, Zaugg, Zehnder, Zerbe


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