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Silence Of The Goats

Published April 10, 2011 by glaumland

Today was one of those tough days in the baby-hood of kid goats. Time for dehorning, castrating and tattooing…ouchies come at them from every side. Luckily they are pretty forgetful and pretty forgiving.

Dehorning is one of those tasks where you learn as you go. There’s no practicing beforehand. Using a hot iron with a goat attachment lets you burn just the area around the horn bud, but it is hard to know exactly how long to leave the iron on. All of the advice I can find say ‘until there is a copper circle around the bud’, but that is like the old cookbooks telling people to leave the food in the oven until almost ready. How long exactly is that?

This dehorning was actually round two for the older kids. We didn’t burn deep enough last time (don’t want to fry their little brains!). The three we worked on today got to have a little chemical-induced nap before their procedures. Better for them and much easier for us.

Life can be tough when you are a goat…good thing they are getting lots of loving and petting while they are here!

Until next time…


Frustrated With Fibromyalgia

Published April 27, 2009 by glaumland

I haven’t blogged in a few days, even though I have lots to share. I’m having problems with my fibromyalgia, and my meds aren’t working as well as they once did. Especially the sleeping aids. So I feel like I’m kinda back at the beginning; well, maybe not the beginning, because at least I have a diagnosis. So we start playing with the meds again.

Meanwhile, nothing is getting done around the house that requires any physical activity. I already ‘wake up’ in the morning more exhausted than when I went to bed. So not only am I getting far behind on chores, I’m missing out on all of the fun stuff as well. And I don’t have any energy to¬† play with kids. I am so bummed…

I would welcome any advice or personal stories from other FM’ers – especially with sleep aids, as that seems to be the big problem.

Until next time…

Long Tails & Short Tempers

Published January 15, 2009 by glaumland

Grrrr – I knew there would be days like this…

The cats (especially the kittens) are inside because of the cold & going stir crazy. And I mean C-R-A-Z-Y! They are tearing around the house looking for invisible mice & bunnies to attack, are stalking the cockatiel, having climbing contests, destroying the TP, and just being general menaces! It’s driving me crazy. Luckily found a cat tree on sale yesterday and put it together this morning. Hopefully it will take some of the P&V out of them. Even the old fat boy Captain Lewis is in the fray (sitting on the tree top looking down at everyone) & Maybelline acts like she wants to play, but of course she is too prissy to act like a common cat. If I felt better it would actually be funny.

Yeah, not only is it soooo cold outside, I feel like crap. The rheumatologist warned me that during the big weather/pressure changes my fibromyalgia would probably act up, but this is awful. Guess I’ll just load up on drugs and watch the cats – don’t feel like doing anything else.

Kids are going nuts, too. So whiny & contrary this morning. Guess they aren’t getting enough outdoor time, but attitude is the last thing I want right now. Glad they’re in school today, but a four day weekend is coming up.

I am managing to get some things in order, or back in order. Every since we moved my desk to the living room so little boy could have his own room, it has been a disaster. So going through the file cabinets and purging stuff, as well as sorting stuff to file. Hopefully, tax season will be a breeze this year.

(Oh man, somebody just used the cat box – phew!)

Well, guess I’d better close. Don’t want to wallow in self pity, and need to check the fire. At least we’re staying warm in this wretched cold.

Until next time…

Resolved or Resolute?

Published January 11, 2009 by glaumland

I’m hoping for both, would accept either, but feel like I have neither after this week. I’ve spent the first part of the year with the upper respiratory stuff that is going around. I must say it is much easier to rest up with kids back in school, but sleeping the hours away doesn’t go far in getting my life organized. Oh well, I guess baby steps are better than no steps.

I do think I have a couple of books on organization, I just don’t know where they are right now. Ha, ha, ha – makes me want to laugh/cry.

I did set my mind & my fingers to do some crocheting lately. I finished a scarf for a lovely young lady that I work with. She’s very super and I just wanted to do something nice for her. I’ve also been making potholders for another friend – her birthday is coming soon and she was mentioning she needed some. I enjoy trying out new patterns, and I especially love that pot holders are finished quickly. Definitely my kind of project.

We had a nice day yesterday so I did go out and play with my pony some. I think we both enjoyed it. A little more play time and I’ll climb on board. It’s been so long…

I had fun tonight with the cats, too. Found a fuzzy (fake) mouse and covered it in catnip. Capt Lewis forgot he was old & stuffy for a few minutes and acted like the kittens. Kittens just acted normal (crazy, like). Forgot to mention that Baron von Broccoli brought in a male cardinal yesterday. I was able to rescue him before he was too injured and he bit my finger. OUCH, that hurt!

Goats are great; glad to have Ginger back from her conjugal visit to Duke. The girls enjoy walking in the back pasture and woods with us. Amazing that old dead leaves could taste so yummy.

Grady the turkey went and got oil on his head somehow today; makes him look weird. I had a little run-in with the big rooster and convinced him I was still bigger & meaner than him.

Well, I guess this turned into a chat more about critters than resolutions. I resolve to write more about that (and more often as well).

Until next time…