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The Disinfecting Powers of Sunshine

Published February 18, 2009 by glaumland

Today is the continuation of a frustrating week and a half. Well, we’re almost to the end. I hope.

Little boy was sick last week. And sweet, sharing boy that he is, he gave me & sissy the bug. So I’m running a fever and working on a sinus infection. But at least I don’t have the malignant snots. Yet. Looking forward to spring weather and an end to cold & flu season.

Since I don’t feel up to doing anything, I do sit around cruising the web world. (Just to clarify though, I’ve worked on multiplication tables, fixed supper, did chores, moved firewood, started the firebox, and started a prayer shawl – so I have gotten things done, too.) Amazing what you find when you’re on the WWW.

I had a lot of friends comment on my rant the other day. And I hope I haven’t offended any of my friends. But I have to stand by what I said about the Porkulus healthcare plans. Now today I read this…

FR Doc E9-2488 –

BHO has set aside $20.3 MILLION for moving Palastinian refugees to the US. Why? I do understand about the problems in Gaza, and I do realize that the Palastinians would want to escape. (Although it would be nice if the suffering people would put pressure on those launching rockets to desist.) But wouldn’t most neighboring Middle Eastern countries be willing to take these refugees temporarily? I would think so. And I would think that if the neighboring countries seriously wanted the conflict between the Palastinians and the Israelis to end, they could certainly put enough pressure on the Hamas to stop attacking Israel. But this post isn’t about about that conflict. It’s about sunshine.

You see, I for one think that BHO’s Muslim heritage is a lot more important to him than he admits. Let’s see what he’s done since he became president (ht NoLibZone):

1) First phone call as POTUS is to Palastinian Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

2) First one-on-one interview with a news organization is with Al Arabia TV.

3) He ordered the closing of GITMO and stopped all trials of detainees.

4) He closed all oversea CIA interrogation centers.

5) He withdrew charges against planners of USS Cole & 9/11 bombings.

6) And now we learn that he wants to give free tickets to Palastinians who need to get out of their country (refugees or terrorists – that’s the question).

If BHO has a warm spot in his heart for his father’s Muslim background and the Muslim training he received as a boy, that’s understandable. But just be man enough to own up to it; don’t lie about it!

And speaking of lies, let’s look at some others…

BHO promised an ethical administration free from the influence of lobbyists – Now he’s appointed tax evaders to his cabinet & hired 12 lobbyists to work in the White House. Why’d he do that?

BHO promised that there would be a 5 day review period with all non-emergency legislation posted on the White House website for public reading & comments – How much time passed before Democrats gave the 1000+ page stimulus report to the Republican to read (after K street got it!) and then called for a vote just hours later, with BHO signing just 4 days later. I guess he didn’t need any math classes to go to Harvard.

Several times now when he has been on the stimulus campaign trail BHO stated there were no pork/earmarks in this legislation. Ha Ha Ha! If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, oinks like a pig and wears lipstick, it must be pork. For example:

  • $4.5 Billion to convert government buildings to “green” facilities. If the buildings are in disrepair and needing up-dating, sure let’s make them more efficient. But it is wrong to refit a perfectly fine structure.
  • $1.1 Billion to research comparative effectiveness of healthcare programs – see my rant on the healthcare mess.
  • $650 Million to change analog TV’s to Digital.
  • $50 Million for the National Endowment for Arts.
  • $198 Million for Filipino WW2 Veteran Compensation.
  • $50 Million for Central Utah Project Water Programs.
  • $50 Million for California Bay-Delta Restoration.
  • $146 Million for National Park facilities & trails.

And these are just a few. I won’t debate about the worthiness of these programs, that is what our elected officials are supposed to do. But I do contend that these programs aren’t emergencies and won’t stimulate the economy by putting people to work, keeping people in their homes, and giving confidence in our banks.

OINK  OINK  SQUEEL OINK SQUEEL  OINK! [Translated: Lie. lie. LIE! lie. LIE! lie.]

 It looks like our dear leader is willing to say anything, even when he plans to do the opposite. Just take another look at what he’s said and then see what he’s done.

You see, sunshine IS disinfecting. Not just for viruses & bacteria, but also for humans. People who want to hide their actions generally choose the dark of night to do their work. And BHO knows that. That’s why he made the promise that government during his presidency would be totally transparent and open to public scrutiny. Doesn’t that sound great? Sure, it does, if you think he would keep his word. But look at the record…

Well, the bad news is that I now have the malignant snots. Question is: are there any effective treatments that I am qualified to receive. And is my doctor a “meaningful user?” Meanwhile, I’ll take the softest tissues I can find and make some meaningful use of them.