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Counting My Chickens Before They Hatch

Published February 8, 2009 by glaumland

The best thing about this time of year (not quite winter, not quite spring) is the seed & poultry catalogs that the USPS delivers. Dear Hubby actually is the one in charge of the garden. After all of the manure and straw he plowed in last year (also the big crop of turnips) the soil is dark and loose – just right for this year. Hopefully that will mean a fantastic garden. I’m looking forward to ‘corn that’s as high as an elephant’s eye!’ I’ll keep the blog updated.

My favorite catalog is the poultry catty. I have 5 roosters (with 2 to go in the pot soon), 11 hens, a tom turkey, and another turkey (whose sex is undetermined at this time – but she talks like a girl!). I’m not looking forward to starting any chicks this year (since I’ve done it for the last two years). The neighbors are wanting to get into the chicken business this year, and I’m hoping I can get a couple hens from them in exchange for my expertise (ha ha). My girls have finally started laying, and boy is it nice to have farm fresh eggs again (free range tick eggs, I call them).

Hubby has also kept us busy putting up fireword. He marked a bunch of trees on our acreage last year. Some were ‘crap’ trees, others dead, and others needing to be cleared out to make way for good trees. We’re trying to get the wood harvested before the poison ivy comes out, but it is nearly too late – DH already has some. We’ve been taking the goats out with us so that they can exercise and browse, so we’ll probably get poison ivy from them now too, as that seems to be a delicacy. It is fun to spend time in the woods, we’re lucky to have them.

We went to a friend’s wedding yesterday, down on the northern edge of the Flint Hills. Beautiful, simple wedding in a cool old church. But the best part was the reception (they rode a giant John Deere tractor back to the farm). We spent some time walking around the farm exploring, and made us homesick to have a bigger place. So reckon we’ll start doing some serious looking for some land soon. We’ve talked about putting a 3 year plan in place to find someplace, sell our place, change jobs and move. It’s good to have plans.

It definitely is hard making plans right now with all of the uncertainty in the government. I’ll be starting taxes soon and hope it doesn’t take to long this year (although we already know that taxes are too hard for even politicians to do!). Although, I might as well just give the gov all of my money since is seems they are determined to spend it. Man, would I like to have a chunk of that trillion dollar pie.

One of the things I despise most about politics is how two-faced many politicians are. They spout platitudes and talk about helping people, then they (Democrats) schedule planning sessions at elite resort/spas. Couldn’t they just rent out someplace at their local Holiday Inn or something? Or better yet, aren’t there some meeting rooms in the capitol that they can use? Seems like alot of that money could be better spent getting homeless folks into housing, or getting warmth to those who can’t afford their heating bills.

It’s suppose to be about service to our country. Perhaps the Democrats should be working in the same conditions as our service men/women. How about setting up tents on the Mall? Surely all of the hot air they produce could keep them warm. I know most politicians have multiple homes, so maybe they can invite some homeless folks over to stay when the homes are sitting empty. Maybe instead of having all of these fancy parties they can serve the food at soup kitchens. Something has to change.

Until next time…