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Softball & Hotdogs

Published June 1, 2011 by glaumland

I’m trying to post while waiting for Little Girl to start her game. Goofy Maggie, the crazy hound, decided to hop in the car as we were leaving to come. She’s pretending to be a farm dog, out running around and enjoying freedom, because the baby goats have been imprisoned in the dog pen until the get too big to escape from their pen.
So Maggie is sitting here with me at the game, and being a really good dog considering what a clown she is. I’m going to try to get a pic of her with her new cool summer hard.


Silence Of The Goats

Published April 10, 2011 by glaumland

Today was one of those tough days in the baby-hood of kid goats. Time for dehorning, castrating and tattooing…ouchies come at them from every side. Luckily they are pretty forgetful and pretty forgiving.

Dehorning is one of those tasks where you learn as you go. There’s no practicing beforehand. Using a hot iron with a goat attachment lets you burn just the area around the horn bud, but it is hard to know exactly how long to leave the iron on. All of the advice I can find say ‘until there is a copper circle around the bud’, but that is like the old cookbooks telling people to leave the food in the oven until almost ready. How long exactly is that?

This dehorning was actually round two for the older kids. We didn’t burn deep enough last time (don’t want to fry their little brains!). The three we worked on today got to have a little chemical-induced nap before their procedures. Better for them and much easier for us.

Life can be tough when you are a goat…good thing they are getting lots of loving and petting while they are here!

Until next time…

It’s Raining Goats

Published March 21, 2011 by glaumland

Well, we added to our goat population again today. CocoaBean had a set of twins this afternoon. And the funny thing is, they look very much like set number two. Since they are boys, we’ve continued the banjo theme.

This is Fleck, named for Bela Fleck


Seegar, named after Pete Seegar


Fleck & Seeger getting some dinner


CocoaBean is being a great mom, so I bet these little boys will be growing fast.

Here’s an update on the other kids…Mango, Pepper, Earl & Lester. We’ve got quite a family.

Playtime in the pasture


You’ve heard of reindeer games? Well the kids’  favorite game is ‘King of the Mountain.’ It’s fun to see how many kids can climb on at once.

Mango & Earl pretending to be mountain goats


Until next time…

Not Just Married With Children…But Also Crazy With Kids

Published March 18, 2011 by glaumland

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Funny how fast life can go sometimes when you’re bogged down in details.

We’ve been on baby watch for weeks now, not knowing when our girls got bred. Finally, the first of the month, two sets of twins showed up within hours. I had to care for one set, as Mozzie wasn’t at all interested in them. I had to run to the goat store (luckily not far away) to get milk replacer and spend the day feeding and keeping them warm. Each set was a boy and girl. The girls continue with the food theme and this year the boys are dedicated to the great banjo legends Earl Scruggs & Lester Flatt.

Ginger’s twins came first with no help…but Ginger bleated with each contraction. Motherhood hurts!

Ginger's boy Earl (Mango getting some dinner)

Mango's beauty shot

Mozzie’s babies slipped out quietly, but she didn’t want anything to do with Pepper once Lester made his appearance.

Peppercorn turned out with lots of color

My little guy Lester


So they’ve grown well and have been vaccinated and disbudded. It’s fun to watch them run and jump all over. It warms your heart all over.

Until next time…

Not A Cat In A Hat But A Goat In A Coat

Published February 16, 2011 by glaumland

Mozzarella sporting the latest winter fashion


Something is afoot, or afeet as the case may be. Little Mozzarella is in the motherly way, and I’m afraid it may be twins. It runs in the family, as she was the smallest and last of a set of triplets. Mozzie is very pushy when it comes to people (since she is one herself), but at the bottom of the goat-em pole. We’re having trouble getting her to keep her weight on during this extremely cold weather.

So what to do? Electricity is sky-rocketing, and the goats won’t necessarily stand under a heating lamp. They’ve got lots of bedding and a nice shed. Hmmm…what’s left. Why a coat, of course. A goat coat that is. I pulled out an old goosedown vest I got about 25 years ago for $10. A bargain then and a bargain now. It fit perfectly, snapping under her belly. Now my goal is to keep an eye out for other clothing so all my goats can be so well dressed.

Mozzie warmed up and continues to grow very matronly looking. Can’t wait for the kiddoes to arrive.

Until next time…

A Watched Goat Never Kids

Published January 13, 2011 by glaumland

We’ve been on baby watch here at Glaumland. One of our does looks like a double-wide trailer. We’re not exactly certain when she was bred, so we don’t know when to expect a baby (-ies?). If only these things came with a timer!

Ginger was acting pretty uncomfortable two nights ago. The baby must have shifted, because her belly was huge & tight – she was biting at it and shifting her weight. She’s starting to swell around her vulva, but she hasn’t bagged up much. So we went on alert.

Of course, it would happen to come when it is the coldest weather of the season. Man, it was MINUS NINE DEGREES this morning. Brrrr. We through some extra hay into the goat gazeebo so the baby would at least have a warm landing spot. Then the darned goat ate most of the bedding. We also moved the other girls (Mozzarella and CocoaBean in with Peanut) leaving only the little visitor Princess to keep Ginger company.

But of course we’re still waiting…no baby yet. Ginger is back to looking just plain big and dancing around in the cold. The weather is supposed to warm back up today, so we’ll be JUST under freezing. Time for tanning lotion! Ha ha ha!

The fun part is wondering what we’ll get and what we’ll name the baby. We’ve only had boys so far from Ginger – Parker & Chainsaw – not my choices, obviously. We’ve got this whole FOOD thing going on so I guess we’ll see what color we get and pick something appropriate.

Until next time…

The Joy Of Milking

Published July 16, 2009 by glaumland

OK, I have to admit that I was not looking forward to doing the milking this morning. It really isn’t that much of a chore, because we only have the one goat; but this morning, I just wasn’t in the mood.

The whole milk goat experiment came about because Dear Hubby wanted milk cows. I have been around long enough to know how much work that is. I PUT MY FOOT DOWN! There was no way I was going to be a dairy farmer, even on a small scale. (Don’t forget, you don’t just need a cow, there has to be some bovine sex involved once a year, plus the fun of raising a bottle calf…no way, no how!)

However, Dear Hubby finally wore me down. We were spending so much money on milk, now that kids are getting bigger, and the grocery budget definitely was taking a hit. And I hate doing dishes. We haven’t had a dishwasher since 94. So Hubby told me that if I let him get a dairy goat, he’d buy me a dishwasher. Wow, a fair trade-off, at least  until I realized he wanted the dishwasher to sterilize milk bottles. Humph!

Needless to say, I broke down on the goats. One goat was lonely, so we got another goat. Then finding a buck to breed to can be tough, so now we have another goat. I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.

OK, back to my original thought…I didn’t feel like milking today.

But the cats love milking time and think that the goat is the most wonderful person on the planet (next to me, of course). So it is always fun to see them come running when they hear me with the feed and milking equipment. Baron Von Broccoli was so excited this morning he actually followed me to the goat pen. It was funny to walk back to the house – me in the lead, followed by the goat, followed by the cat. Quite a parade!

So we get settled in for the milking. I’ve been having some trouble this year with my left hand. Don’t know if it is the fibromyalgia or what. Anyway, I’ve been frustrated (and so has the goat) by my inability to get a good stream and rhythm going. So this morning I tried switching hands (which isn’t just a matter of switching sides) and viola! It worked. I’ll try it again tonight to see if it was just a fluke.

Finally, milking is all done, and it’s time for some lovey-dovey time with the goat. This is a nice, quiet time for petting the goat and telling her how wonderful she is. Unfortunately, she landed a few goat kisses on my face, which in and of themselves aren’t so bad. But goats like poison ivy, and I’m highly allergic to poison ivy, so I may be walking around with a disfigured face for a while. Oh well…it was worth it.

Until next time…