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I Don’t Want to Go to the Porkfest Prom!

Published February 6, 2009 by glaumland

Unfortunately, if things in DC don’t go the way I’m praying for, the Prom King Reid & Queen Pelosi will not only send me an invitation, but my parents, my elderly relatives, my children, their children (hopefully a LONG time off) and all of our friends – past, present & future. Unfortunately, this isn’t an invite that we can turn down. I tried to explain to my children tonight what exactly a trillion is, but it is even hard for me to get my mind around.

Where the heck did this giant come from? I can’t believe that this package only started since BHO’s inauguration, nor even since his election. I think this is a wish list that the Dems have been working on, trading on, promising on for many years. It’s laughable really: the Dems get their man elected, and then turn around and start hacking his legs off! If BHO stays bipartisan (like he promised) and works with the Republicans (like he promised) for the good of all American people (like he promised), he won’t find any support from the mainline Dems. But can he stand as his own man, knowing that he owes so much to so many – having made who knows how many promises to get nominated for his party. Not to mention those who groomed him for American politics and then guided him into public service.

You know what I would like to see? I’d like to have each legislator who put anything in the the “stimulus” package, stand before the country on TV and explain exactly how their plans will work, and gives us the number of jobs that will be created & when. And how they define, “Shovel-ready.” It is just incredible how these people get elected. Maybe part & parcel of being a Republican is being cynical of other’s abilities to govern my money & my life, thinking that perhaps both are better off in MY hands.

The thing that really gets me is accountability: How can these elected officials be tax cheats? Doesn’t every politician pay their taxes on April 15th, just like the rest of us? OK, I know that is a rhetorical question, now, but I find it enlightening that so many aren’t doing it? Perhaps a bill should be presented that all politicians get audited every year. After all, their not just spending their own money, but their constituents, their election committee, and who knows just how many pots their hands are into. I do like the proposed “Rangell Bill” – not sure it’s one I’ll ever use, but it does seem more fair.

I think if the motto of the Democrats is “Hope & Change” ™, my new motto will be “Hope & Pray”. God’s already blessed us, perhaps too much so, but I pray that he keepsĀ us safe & strong & focused on Him. Until next time…