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Babe Watch

Published February 25, 2009 by glaumland

Not the show with pigs in bikinis & speedos running on a beach – this one is about my life.

Episode 1: My friend Karla is expecting a long-awaited visitor at her home tomorrow: her American Lowline Cow is due to calve. I’m not sure if that makes Karla a mother, aunt or grandmother, we’ll have to wait and see. And I don’t know if I want Dear Hubby to find out about these short-legged cattle with tremendous meat quality – I know he’ll want to add that to our critter assortment.

Episode 2: My friend Joann sold all of her sweet Yorkie puppies this past weekend. They are so darned cute – way too much personality for such a little dog. I think Joann considers herself a grandmother.

Episode 3: Ginger goat went on a conjugle visit to Duke from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Seeing as Duke is quite successful with the ladies, we’re thinking early May is kidding time (no kidding – ha ha ha). She’s actually starting to look a little thick around the middle. Yea! Fresh goat milk again!

Episode 4: Chicken catalog is sitting on my desk. Question is: will there be chick-lets or turk-lets in my future? I swore after starting chicks for the past two years I wouldn’t do it this year, but friends are wanting chickens and I’d like another turkey. Dilemma…

Episode 5: Maniac kittens continue to drive me nuts. Underfoot, overhead, in my face, watching me shower, sitting on me when I sit, wanting me to open doors when there is a perfectly good cat door in place, climbing in any open drawer, general nuisance.

Episode 6: Looked at Darling Daughter the other day. OMG! Where did she get those curves? Did I just feel another hair turn grey? It must have something to do with giggling now when you mention certain boys. Hmmm…

Until next time…