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Get Your Shovels Ready!

Published February 20, 2009 by glaumland

Ha Ha Ha – this is the funniest cartoon I’ve seen in a while. Michael Ramirez from Investors Business Daily is brilliant. And big thanks to Hot Air for showing it!

Luckily, I’ve got a big shovel.

You see, while other people were living it up in college, Dear Hubby & I were doing the Ramen Noodle & canned tuna thing. We wanted to graduate from college with minimal debt. And we did.

Then after college, we lived cheaply and graduated to mac & cheese and chicken thighs. We drove our vehicles into the ground, and most of our vacations were spent camping out in Colorado. We lived in modest homes (one rental home was even condemned). We paid off our student loans in less than 5 years and put away as much money into retirement and investments as possible.

We got a little de-railed for a few years. We were hard hit by some medical bills and business losses, but managed to ride them out. We kept saving & investing and started giving to our church and started savings accounts for our kids. We saved for 3 years to take the kids to D-world. We don’t have charge card debt. Our house is nice, but not extreme. We buy used vehicles and still drive them until they stop. We’ve even gotten chickens and goats to help with the food bills (what a fun way to eat!). Yes, we do have a few extravagances, but we keep our priorities straight.

So now when so many people are complaining about the economy, I think about how much God has¬†blessed us.¬† He expects us to be good stewards of our lives and money, and I think for the most part we have. Which is why, when the stocks keep falling, I keep saying, “Buy! Buy!” We haven’t expected that anyone would give us everything we want. We were willing to live simply; we didn’t have to have that big, fancy home or drive the big, expensive vehicles (some of which cost nearly as much as our first two homes!).

So when life gives you poop, make fertilizer and sit back and enjoy the garden!

Until next time…keep shoveling!