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HELLO!!! It’s Not Because Obama’s Black, It IS Because He’s Taking Our Green And Turning It Red

Published September 14, 2009 by glaumland

I was reading the web today to get the news on the Tea Parties from over the weekend. I am astounded at this grass-roots movement and getting to see our democracy in action. It truly is awe-inspiring, at least to me.

However, one of the articles I came across today was this one from Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27120.html . Another story from Democrats saying that anyone who doesn’t support Obama must be racist. They go on to talk about how many in America weren’t ready for a black president. And they have a long laundry list of the many wrongs conservatives & Republicans have done to Obama:

“…rose up to say that he did not deserve honorary degrees from colleges that were giving him degrees last spring, members of Congress, Republican members of Congress, are spreading bogus rumors about where the president was born, and they whipped up opposition all across this country when President Obama wanted to give a speech to our nation’s schoolchildren to tell them to take responsibility, study hard and stay in school…”

Furthermore, the article goes on to say that most blacks believe that Obama has a heavier burden to carry than most other presidents, and that his opponents want his to fail so they can say “I told you so” about America not being ready for a black president.

And not only are his policies at risk, but so is Obama himself. According to Donna Brazile, longtime Democratic strategist and DNC leader,

“They’re worried sick about his safety,” Brazile said. “When they see some of these statements, the guns at his rallies, some of the hate talk on TV and radio, there’s a natural tendency because of the wounds that built up for centuries without being addressed to worry. It’s a natural concern for them to worry.” 

As for strategy, the Democrats are wary of calling all white voters ‘racist’ because they don’t want to offend those in the middle. And Republican, worried about looking too much like the good-old-white-boys-club, are having a tough time keeping their legitimate  policy criticisms from losing power by carrying around the racist backage thrown at them.

There has been alot of ‘boo-hoo-ing’ by Democrats this past week after Rep. Joe Wilson interupted Obama’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress. After all, never have THEY been so rude to a Republican White President. (Of course, it doesn’t take much hard looking to find many examples where Dems are braying against Bush 43, but Dems must have a short memory.) I happen to agree that it was rude and I am glad Wilson apologized to Obama, and that should be the end of it. If we’re going to start quartering and keel-hauling members to sanction them, it seems we could start with some of the members who have problems with their tax returns or are sleeping with interns.

OK, so I would propose that this isn’t a BLACK problem…most all of us who have a bank account want the account to be in the BLACK and not the RED. And that’s generally what happens when we put our GREEN into our account and leave it there: a nice BLACK number. But when Obama goes and spends Billions and Trillions for bailouts and clunckers, suddenly he’s taking my GREEN leaving me with RED numbers. And not just RED numbers for me, but for my kids as well. Even my 6 year old with his $1/week allowance (which he has to earn with chores) knows that this isn’t a good deal.

Too many Americans are fed up with the way that government wants to get bigger, not only by widening but also by putting down more layers. The only purpose of these new bureaucracies is to spend money. For another look at this, visit this site: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/09/12/the-spending-virus/ .

My advice – read, read and read. If you don’t understand what you are reading and hearing, try some different sites or speakers. Be educated on the facts, and not on the facts as someone tries to tell you they are. You’ll find there are alot of people out there who think just like you; there are also also who are just kooks. Honestly, most of the information I get today comes off of the internet, as I’ve found MSM to be too soft on liberals, but I do like to listen to both sides of the story, so I can make up my mind for myself.

Until next time…


I’m Not A Doctor, But I Play One In The White House

Published September 9, 2009 by glaumland

While I was watching the Presidential address tonight I behaved very much like a mad woman – going from screaming frustration to screaming hysterics. I’m sure if you polled some liberal folks, that’s just what they would expect from us conservative-loonies. Oh well, in some ways it was very cathartic, in other ways, enlightening. (But come to think of it, all cathartics lighten you up in one way or another…hmm…)

We heard lots of the blame game – we’re trying to work with them, but they’re trying to ruin our plans bacause they don’t like me. [Insert a whalloping dose of self-pity, cry a few tears, and please try to help the poor man stack his blocks again!] Oh, and I loved the Obama mantra “we inherited” too.

Sure, tonight was alot of fun, but I’m sorry to say not as much as the press conference back in July. You remember, the one where we didn’t hear Obama take the mike and say, “I’m not a real doctor, but I play one on television.” Because tvland is obviously where he gets most of his medical knowledge. He must have a healthcare czar who sits around watching soap operas on TV (maybe Michelle’s momma?) Because most of the scenarios he has come up with in the past sounded just like plots from those shows.

Keep your mouth closed children, because when Dr’s tell you to say, “Ah!” they’re just looking for an excuse to rip your tonsils out! While other doctors would send you from specialist to specialist running the same tests over and over, Dr Obama will just lay his hands on you and know what ails you (just like he’s done for the country). And Dr Obama doesn’t want the bad doctors to take them tonsils out 3 or 4 times, so he’s just gonna pop you some new pills, cause maybe you just got an allergy or something. But you won’t get the blue pill, because the red one is 50% cheaper. Dr Obama can cure everything!

[An brief interlude of screaming…I had finished my post and the last half disappeared! AARRGGHH! So I’ll try to remember what I wrote, because it’s so interesting I’m sure you won’t want to miss a single word! Not only that, but I got bit by a cat today and my finger is throbbing – I’m going to treat it myself because I’m sure all my doctors would make me have several CT-scans, a colonoscopy and liposuction before they’d just amputate my arm. Although, if I just go to a town-hall meeting in California, maybe some leftie wing-nut job will bite if off for me!]

As someone who has extensive experience with the healthcare system (fibromyalgia, Crohn’s, female problems and a couple babies), I can tell you that Obama is really clueless when it comes to healthcare reform. He shovelled so much BS tonight that the flies in DC should stay happy and warm for quite a while. Maybe we can tax Obama’s carbon emissions to help pay for his healthcare plans. Since it won’t cost our country A SINGLE DIME! (Can’t argue with him there, the dimes will be piled so high we won’t be able to count them.)

OK, so here’s my take on Obama’s points:

1) If Obama’s healthcare reform doesn’t pass, millions of people are going to die or go bankrupt. But don’t believe any of the scary lies that SOME people are telling (he’s talking about you, Sarah!). The majority of Americans showed there support for his plan this summer at the town-halls, except for the fear-mongers who don’t want anything to change.

2) Let’s not forget, he inherited a 3T deficit in January. Sure, the economy is in the tank, but with all of the money he saves on healthcare reform it will pay for itself. Otherwise he’s gonna get out his scalpel and make some cuts, baby. He’s been watching those soap operas and he knows how it’s done. Oh yeah, and everyone that doesn’t agree with his plan can just ‘lend a hand’ or ‘chip in’  or ‘do your part’ – whatever the nice way is to say MORE TAXES.

3) Anyone who has a serious plan about healthcare reform will be listened to. Ummm, except when he’s on vacation, ’cause being the president is sooo cool but sooo much harder than anyone told him. Oh  yeah, and if you interupt his work-out time he gets kinda cranky, so mornings are out, too. Oh, and gosh, he’s got an awfully busy social calendar hosting beer parties, so I guess that leaves out afternoons. Well, just leave your suggestion with flag@whitehouse.gov. They’ll make sure that Obama  the Justice Department the healthcare czar gets it.

4) Obama is just looking out for the little guys trying to compete with the big insurance companies (did he mention how evil they are?). You know, little guys like the, oh, auto industry who are trying to compete on an international level. The same companies that our government spent billions of dollars to bail out, after he inherited a 3Trillion dollar deficit. And I’m not sure if America should be proud or ashamed for being an ‘advanced democracy’ – I think that’s lib-speak for ‘you rich ba****ds’. One of Obama’s ideas to help people get insurance is to let them form co-ops so that they can negotiate with the big, evil, profit-making insurance companies (sshhh…don’t tell anyone that this option already exists…it sounds better when it seems like it’s his idea).

5) And Obama’s gonna REQUIRE EVERYBODY to get health insurance, just like we’re required to get auto insurance. So Cousin Timmy at the IRS is gonna check your returns to see if you can afford insurance. But don’t worry, if you’re a friend of Obama’s and forget to pay your taxes, there’s a special exemption waiting for you so you can have the same great healthcare our legislators have (and you’ll get a czar position to boot!). ‘Cause, without his plan everybody’s gonna die or go bankrupt!

6) Don’t pay attention to any of those bogus claims that we’ll have bureaucratic death panels (Sarah, are you listenin’ darlin’?). You know, just because we’ll have new government panels to decide what treatments are cost effective doesn’t mean we’ll keep you from getting the cheapest alternative treatment available. By golly, if you need a cane, we’ll find you a nice, sturdy stick to lean on. Need that Upper GI Scope AND a Colonoscopy? We’ll use the same scope in both places and that way we’ll save on equipment costs. Naseous? Go ahead and puke, it’s what people have done for centuries…

7) Government run healthcare is going to be so much cheaper than privately-run insurance companies because… wait, it’s coming… there isn’t as much overhead! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Obama should really think about doing stand-up comedy. So without the overhead, excessive administration costs, and executive salaries, we’d all be getting a great deal. Gosh, we must be an advanced democracy if our government can avoid all of those problems.

8) If any of Obama’s progressive (that must be the new term for liberal/socialist/fascist) friends or his Republican friends (that’s likely to be a pretty small number, have any legitimate concerns, refer back to #3. He only wants to listen if people are really serious about this. Not like those scary fear-mongers or the evil insurance executives.

9) Don’t forget our dear friend Teddy Kennedy. Let’s all pause for a moment while Joe reaches for his hanky to dab at his eyes. Teddy liked healthy kids, because healthy kids were more fun to party with. It was all about Teddy’s large heart (and hopefully, large feet – because Obama wants everyone to walk in Teddy’s shoes). Frankly, all of Teddy’s family at the address looked pretty shell-shocked. I can’t say I blame them, I’m not sure I’d want to be on display as the pathetic, grief-stricken family for the nation to gawk at.

10) There are people out there who don’t believe that big government can solve every problem we face. If you don’t believe “We’re from the government and we’re here to help,” well then, you’re just un-American. Just ask Nancy. If you don’t believe big government is needed to keep Wallstreet from going crazy, you’re just trying to exploit the little guy. If you don’t believe that socialism is the future of America, you’re just downright mean. And Obama’s gonna throw anyone who doesn’t agree with him under the bus.

 [I was going to mention somewhere about the revelation I received tonight: women with big hips shouldn’t wear hot pink pleats. Think about it.]

Do I think there needs to be some healthcare reform? Sure, that seems pretty obvious. I just think that when we’re having serious discussions on this topic, we should look at what is already being done in the world…that in itself would lead to some legitimate concerns. Why make the same mistake that other countries have done, just so you can congratulate yourself on being an ‘advanced democracy.’ 

Think I’ll go hang out with the disruptive, fib-tellin’ scare-mongers…I’ll be in good company.

Until next time…

Don’t Misunderestimate The Power Of Petard

Published July 1, 2009 by glaumland

One of the most challenging aspect of my profession as a veterinarian is communication. Imagine that! I never really understood that, until I realized that pets don’t carry credit cards. Ha!

As is turns out, as a learner I am very visual, as well as tactile. I’ve got to see it and feel it to understand it. If you’ve ever seen me explain things to clients, I’m constantly scribbling on the back of paper or gesticulating wildly in trying to get my message across. I think (hope) that this works for most people, but it definitely works for me: I really enjoy the education part of my job.

Sometimes when I’m trying to talk to clients, I get stuck on trying to NOT use the super-long 50 cent per word term that they won’t understand. Then the goal becomes to find a word that is understandable AND professional. But sometimes I wonder if it just can’t be done.

{One of my children’s favorite PBS shows “Wordgirl.” My idol is Lady Redundant Woman. I’ve learned never to misunderestimate her ability to do evil! (Maybe I should become Dr Redundant Vet – has a nice ring to it!)

Gooey. This is one of my tough words. When I say this to anybody, they know exactly what I mean (some sort of a liquid mucoid discharge). Then there is soupy, which is liquid with stuff in it but not as thick as gooey. If we add a -y to the end of pus, you get another type of discharge that we will write on the charts but not say out-loud. Heaven forbid we have blood in this mix, and we have to try to explain to clients about the mucopurulohemorrhagic dischage – that’s worth at least $1.75, even if the client goes ‘huh?’ Just so much easier to tell them that it is a brownish, gooey, soupy pus. They get the idea.

(Describing smell that go along with discharges can be even more fun, but only for those clients who have strong stomachs. Most fun of all is when you get the discharge all over the place – hooo-ee!) Are you with me here?

Former President George Bush 43 was often maligned for waterboarding words. He had some real doozies, but you do have to understand – that’s the way TX people talk. At least, real TX people talk that way. But far from browbeating him about his lovely words, he should have been heralded as a great communicator. After all, the most important thing about words is the person you speak them to understands them. Otherwise, it’s just jibberish.

Some people like to use fancy words that no-one understands (and sometimes not even them!). Several weeks ago Obama mentioned that Democracy and its freedoms are not things to be hoisted on other countries. (Bold words are exact). You can hoist a flag, hoist a beer, and even hoist a petard, but I hardly think we want to put American ideals so high that they can’t be obtained by anyone else.

So perhaps Obama meant foisted, which means to get someone to accept something by using deceit. Rather that clearly explaining that clearly so that everyone could understand, he tried to show off his Harvard education. A mistake like that would have meant an ‘F’ in my high school composition class.


And speaking of hoisting petard, I bet less than 5% of America understands Shakespearian English, but who knows what a petard is, anyway? A petard is an old French word for a small bomb that was used to blow up gates and walls. Unfortunatelly for the hoister, he usually got blown up himself. The funniest bit about petard is that it is derived from the older French, Latin and Greek words meaning ‘to break wind’ (farting for you and me!).

So to get hoisted with your own petard – that would mean getting blown up by your own bomb, or possibly gaining altitude following a big bowl of chili. Some people know how to foist their petard though, and have many ways to leave their gas issues for someone else to deal with.

One of my favorite Bushisms is the word ‘misunderestimated.’ He got lots of flackfrom the media for that one. But they, along with the Democrats, should really have figured out by now what it means. After all, the Obama administration has made an art form out of misunderestimating unemployment and deficits this year, so I’m thinking they already seated a ‘Misunderestimation Czar’.


Another one of my favorite words is ‘disinclude.’ Many purists would just say to use the word ‘exclude.’ but we can’t learn anything from that word other than something or someone gets left out. But if we ‘disinclude’ someone, that means we thought about including then, and then decided to purposefully leave them out. See the difference?

Lately as I have pondered words and communication, I realized that it isn’t about using fancy or even ‘correct’ words; it IS about having your audience understand what you are trying to say. So when I say that Obama has alot of semi-half-baked ideas, you should understand that not only was the idea not properly thought through (the cake was still gooey inside) but it didn’t even have a proper beginning point (the stove never got turned on). Do you see what I mean?

Words have power: the power to share thoughts, ideas and feelings.  We must all use our word power for good and not evil. So says Dr. Redundant Vet.

 Until next time…

Why O Ran from Iran.

Published June 26, 2009 by glaumland

In the days since the Iranian election, it has been thrilling and terrifying to watch the people of Iran take to the streets to voice their resentment. It has become, sadly enough, too easy for us as Americans to take our voting rights for granted. To see the Iranians who have been beaten and murdered for daring to voice their disagreement with their rulers should make somber Americans think back to all of the men and women of every color who fought, and some died, so that we have the right to have our votes count.

So why was the Obama administration so late in coming out to support the Iranian people. His ‘non-response’ appeared to condone the sham elections and support the present theocracy. The problem with Obama is that he has been so ingrained with Alinsky’s ideologies, he doesn’t have the capability of dealing with the world as it is, only how he thinks it should be.

You only have to look at a passage from Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals to see this to be true.

“As for Vietnam, I would like to see our nation be the first in the history of man to publicly say, ‘We were wrong! What we did was horrible…There is nothing we can ever do to make it up to the people of Indo-China- or to our own people – but we will try. We believe that our world has come of age so that it is no longer a sign of weakness or defeat to abandon a childish pride and vanity, to admit we were wrong.’ Such an admission would shake up the foreign policy concepts of all nations and open the door to a new international order.” Vintage Books/Random House, NY, 1989, p. xxiv.

That’s why Obama has gone on his world tour touting how much America has done wrong and why we should apologize. He believes that it is the only way to open doors  of diplomacy with those people and countries who dislike us. Have there been mistakes? Of course there have. To say otherwise would be folly. Should we be contrite and try to learn from them. Of course we should, otherwise we’re doomed to repeat them.

But what Alinsky, and Obama, fail to understand is that rational arguments do not work with irrational people. Alinsky’s Rules are effective because when you manipulate rational people, you can predict the outcome. All creatures, from lowest to highest, move away from discomfort to a place that is more comfortable. But irrational people can’t be counted on to act ‘normally.’

Irrational people don’t behave in rational ways – duh! One only has to look at the suicide bombers to understand that. So why try to interact with them as though they are rational? It just doesn’t make sense, and this is the lesson that Obama needs to learn: that no apologies or acts of kindness or contrition are going to be enough to keep those who hate America from trying to destroy her.

With respect to Iran, Obama needs to understand that darkness can’t live in the light. We need a president who doesn’t bow to the Muslim world in penance or inferiority, but one who stands tall as a leader and a beacon of freedom. Is he learning that lesson? It’s hard to tell at this point. But his upcoming dealings with North Korea will tell us if Obama finally “get’s it.” Sadly, it doesn’t look like he’s making any progress: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/06/26/us-wont-use-force-to-inspect-noko-ship/trackback/.

Until next time…

Obama’s Fantasy Island

Published June 26, 2009 by glaumland

So many people probably don’t remember this TV show so let me clue you in:

Someone (say Gina, the librarian) paid for a vacation at Fantasy Island. Mr. Roarke (played by the wonderful Ricardo Montalbon) created their fantasies for them to live out (let’s say Gina wanted to fall in love with a rock star). Someone from their real lives end up with a surprise vacation (like Ed, the janitor, who’s always had a thing for Gina). Gina goes on to find out that the rock-n-roll lifestyle isn’t her cup of tea and that rockers may be hi-fi but usually not fi (that’s fidelity for you youngsters). So Gina hooks up with Ed, and the guy who had a fantasy about being a rocker gets his vacation…get the idea?

Anyway, I think Obama needs a vacation on fantasy island. We all know what his fantasies are: instant healthcare reform, instant banking reform, instant car reform, instant diplomacy with rogue nations, instant power reform…many with price tags in the trillions.

Anyway, on Fantasy Island Obama would have as much money and cooperation as he needed to see his goals accomplished. He would see the people dying because they were too risky to spend precious government medical dollars on. Obama would see the financial world in a bigger mess because poor policies leads to more poor policies (oops – are we there yet!). He would see that by-passing the bankruptcy system doesn’t create a brand new healthy auto industry. He would see that the nations who hate us won’t change just because he wears an “America Sucks!” button. And he would wear a CO2 monitor to see just how much of a carbon emissions problem he is, especially when he’s speachifying..

Would Obama then see the light? Would he convert to conservatism? No, I doubt it. He’d probably be one of those odd screwballs who got sucked into Fantasy Island and never got out. Now THAT’S my fantasy!

Until next time…

Can’t Sleep ‘Cause My Toes Keep Tappin’

Published June 26, 2009 by glaumland

Thanks Fibromyalgia! Thanks Restless Leg Syndrome! Just what I was looking forward to tonight, missing a nights sleep. But guess that means I’ll be sleeping all day tomorrow. And not getting done what I had planned. Grrrr…

On the good side, I’m sitting here with my cup of chamomile tea in hand and doing some blogging.

And speaking of FM and RLS, this Obamacare stuff has me VERY worried. I’m not sure how I would do, because I’m not rich, so I really depend on my healthcare to keep me on my feet. Especially since my symptoms continue to evolve regularly. Plus since I’m getting to mid-century, would I be eligible to receive any help? Don’t know.

That’s why I am NOT in favor of Obamacare…just too many unknowns that the Dems are trying to shove down our throats once again. And it seems like Obama doesn’t even know the answers, calling it an evolving process or something.

My thought is, if the Dems want to do something, take a couple billion (yikes!) and fix the areas of healthcare where government is already involved: Medicare and the Veterans Administration. Once they’ve proven they can fix what’s broken in their own home, maybe then I’d let them work on what isn’t broken in mine.

Until next time…

I LIKE Obama’s Weenie Diplomacy – But Can I Provide The Weenies?

Published June 24, 2009 by glaumland

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…life has been really busy. Hoping to get back to a somewhat quasi normal schedule. But I just couldn’t pass this topic up!

Frankly, as our nation’s Independence Day approaches, I’ve been giving alot more thought as to how we should celebrate. We generally have great fun at our house every year, either spending time with family or friends, but always the evening ends with a BANG – literally.

And as I heard Obama’s invitation to the Iranian Ambassador’s world-wide to visit the American Embassies on July 4th for a celebration, I was certainly bemused. OK, I celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but more for the Corona than any sense of Mexican Independence. And I’m mildly interested in Juneteenth, but mostly because I can’t quite figure out what day it is. I go green for St. Paddy’s, and sign me up any time of the year for Oktoberfest. We always try to eat Chinese around the Chinese New Year – again not for any indepences or political reasons but only to see if it’s the year of my critter. You might say I have a very worldly view when it comes to drinking and eating.

But I wondered how exactly the Iranian Embassadors would react to an invitation to eat hotdogs and apple pie. I’m pretty certain that they don’t eat pork, but how do they feel about mystery meat? Do they do condiments? I mean, trying to plan this meal could get very complicated for an administration that doesn’t have a Party Planning Czar.

So I figured I would help Mr Obama. First, I get some Swine Flu infected pork (sorry piggies for the misinformation, but it IS just too funny to pass up) and make up a bunch of weenies. Then find some E-coli infected tomatos for ketchup. And surely there’s someplace to find Salmonella laced mustard (probably that Grey Poopon kind). Finally, I’d get a bakery to make some hot from the oven white anthrax buns. Now that’s a meal I’d be happy to serve those Ambassadors. Why I’d even be so generous as to invite all of the Ambassadors from North Korea and Venezuala as well. No reason to leave out any of our former enemies. I mean, come on now, this is the new, lovey-dovey weenie diplomacy at its finest.

Plus, I was a little concerned about planning for seating. Do you think they’d even show up? I mean, they’ve been trying to destroy Americans in the Middle East for 30 years. It hardly seems reasonable to think that they would change their views after a little back yard party. So I’ve decided that the parties should be served buffet style, so everyone can mingle and chittychat. And if a really sweet apology is also served up, maybe the Iranians would consider bringing the fireworks to end the evening.

Oh Darn! Now I see Obama rescinded the invitations for a weenie-fest. Just because they hadn’t RSVP’d or anything. Guess we’ll have to go for plan B…

Halloween Trick-or-Treating with the Iranian, No Korean, and Venezulan Ambassadors. Come as your favorite Dictator or American President. Carter & Obama masks given out at the door for anyone without a costume.

Until next time…