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‘The Life Of A Pirate For Me…’

Published November 23, 2009 by glaumland

This is one of my favorite songs from the Disney version of ‘Peter Pan’ where the pirates espouse the virtues of pirate-hood. Today, I’m feeling their joy/pain…

I’ve been working with the cockatiel Roxie0 (who is now trying to type) to get her out of the cage and more into+ being handled. It’s been a learning experienc0e for5 me and iI t0hink she is enjoying it, too. She obviously doesn’t enjoy paying bills as she was content to watch me do it. Thank goodness. I’m not sure my bank account could have survived her on the number pad.

So it seems that she doesn’t like my typing on the keyboard, although she’s back up on my shoulder again. Which brings me back to the pirate thing. I understand now why pirates had wonky hair: their parrots were ‘preening’ them when they were talking.

Roxie has been working on my hair this morning. I’m not sure if I should be flattered that she loves me so much or annoyed that she thinks I’m not spending enough time styling. At least she spends as much time on herself as me.

Next come earrings. Pirates wore (wear?) big gold earrings. The set I’m wearing presently aren’t big, but they do have a little gold with a pretty purple stone. Although I’m not so sure how pretty it is now covered with bird spittle. I’ve come to the conclusion that pirates’ earrings are worn to keep the parrots from munching on their earlobes. Ouch!

And finally, the wild costumes. I mean, pirates would have to search high & low to find some of the crazy outfits they wore, but why? Today I have the answer: to disguise all of the little ‘presents’ that birds leave when they are perched on your shoulder.

Isn’t it fun when life gives you answers to the questions no one ever asks. Makes life adventurous.

Aargh…until next time…