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Look Who Is Crying Over Spilt Milk — Or The Danger Dairy Fairy Tale

Published September 24, 2011 by glaumland

Well, here’s an OMG post for today.




Once upon a time, in the land of the free and the home of the brave (and the rest of the world for that matter), there was this amazing substance called ‘milk.’ So magical was this liquid, that it was fed to the babies of many & varied creatures in the animal kingdom known as ‘mammals.’ More wonderful than water, milk was composed of proteins, fats and sugars, vitamins, minerals & water, the basic nutrients needed to keep the infants alive. So important were these nutrients, that female mammals actually had a way to produce and store milk until it was needed by their young. After the babies grew up and were able to find their own food supply, the mothers quit producing this ‘milk’ until it was needed by the next round of offspring. Some mothers produced extra milk, much more than their young ones needed, and these became known as ‘dairy’ animals.

How blessed the mammals felt to have this ‘liquid nutrition.’ Humans, too, recognized the importance of milk. The starry path in the night sky was called The Milky Way. The Promised Land was referred to as the Land of Milk & Honey. Even acts of generosity were recognized as ‘the milk of human kindness.’

The wise people of the kingdom realized how precious this milk was and they looked for different ways to share with others and keep it for future use. They discovered contamination, fermentation, & coagulation, and they called their products ‘cheese,’ ‘buttermilk,’ & ‘cottage cheese.’ Other learned people developed the processes of pasteurization & homogenization to keep the milk safe & creamy. Best of all, a method called ‘refrigeration’ was invented and people learned just how good milk was when chilled or frozen! Some humans would stand in lines at a store to buy this milk, others would pay to have it delivered fresh to their homes.

The people in the kingdom rejoiced. “Happy Cows” (California Milk Advisory Board) were celebrated and Dairy Princesses were appointed. Many dairy lovers would greet each other in the street by saying, “Got Milk?” Meanwhile word spread quickly in the kingdom: “Milk – It Does a Body Good,” (National Dairy Council); “It Builds Bonnie Babies,” (Glaxo Dried Milk); and “Drinka Pinta Milka Day,” (Milk Marketing Board).

But the glory of the dairy days could not last forever. Soon, nannies (those all-knowing dears who only want to do what is in your best interest) complained that this ‘milk’ could be dangerous, so the lords and justices of the kingdom passed legislations and regulations to make the glorious liquid safer for storage and comsumption. And the people of the kingdom rejoiced, although these new rules made the kingdom’s milk more costly and less tasty.

After much study and contemplation, the wisest of the people in the kingdom discovered that these new dairy processes destroyed some of the nutrients in this glorious milk, and the nannies said, “The children need these nutrients that the milk used to have!” So the lords and justices of the kingdom passed more legislations and regulations to add ingredients back into the milk, calling their new product ‘fortified.’ And the people of the kingdom once again rejoiced, even though it required more coins to buy this milk and it tasted even worse than before.

Years passed, and the people of the kingdom still felt blessed by this ‘fortified’ milk (even though it was so bland and costly), and many infants grew into adulthood and then raised their children with this milk. But there were rabble-rousers that began to rumble in the kingdom that they did not want this ‘fortified’ milk from these dairy creatures. So the rousers went to the wise people and instructed them to find a nutritious liquid from other sources. And the wise people, being of course very ingenious, found this liquid and the called it ‘soy milk.’ However, only some of the people in the kingdom rejoiced, as the ‘soy milk’ tasted strange and required them to exchange even more coins.

However, in parts of the kingdom were people who remembered the old ways and honored the dairy mammals. They grumbled at all of the changes that had been made to milk and wanted their glorious milk to come straight from the magical mothers; this milk they called ‘raw.’ And these grumblers went out into the kingdom and gathered these divine dairy creatures to themselves, drinking the ‘raw’ milk without pasteurization and homogenization and fortification. And these people rejoiced and no longer grumbled, for they felt renewed and invigorated by all of the nutrients in their special milk that was so tasty and cost very few coins.

But the nannies, DOING good because only THEY know what IS good, saw these happy people drinking their milk from their dairy animals and exclaimed: “They can’t do that!” The lords stood idly by, worrying about their own lands, jingling the kingdom’s purses and thinking about ways to spend the peoples’ tax monies. The justices agreed with the nannies; ‘raw’ milk was dangerous and the common people must be protected from themselves. So the justices passed new laws stating that people could not drink ‘raw’ milk from their own dairy creatures, nor could they sell their milk to others without complying with the legislations and regulations of the kingdom. And the nannies rejoiced but the grumblers began to grumble once again.

How does this dairy-tale end? If you listen closely, you can hear the grumbling growing louder. But we’ll have to wait and see…

Until next time…


Baucus Puts The ‘Boob’ In BOOB TAX!

Published October 8, 2009 by glaumland

Senator Max Baucus has become the Democrat’s Champion on “bipartisan” health reform. It isn’t truly bipartisan, but the Democrats are trying to position it that way, as anyone who isn’t for Pelosi’s public option plan would surely support Mr. Baucus. Hah! Baucus’ plan is just another ring act in the healthcare reform circus.

If Senator Baucus gets his way, Class II – VI medical items over $100 will start getting taxed. (His original proposal to tax all medical items got thrown out, after it became known as the TAMPON TAX!)

I looked at a *.pdf organized by Ed Morrissey over at HotAir.com and found out just how many ways we’re gonna be taxed if Max Baucus gets his way…

Smile Tax:  Denture & Braces – whether you are young or old, you’ll have to pay more for a nice smile.

Milk Tax:  Breast Pumps – so much for saving money on formula.

Wheel Chair Tax: Why see the world when you can stay home and watch it on TV?

Lab Tax: getting lab tests will be more expensive with longer waits for results when they start taxing lab equipment & kits.

Oxygen Tax: Yep, they’re gonna tax you to breathe, that is if you want to have a portable O2 machine.

Cancer Tax: Treatment devices for many cancer diagnosis and therapies fall under this tax. (Maybe we can rename it the BOOB TAX: The tax for mammograms and the Boobs who passed the tax!)

Stent Tax: Learn to live with clogged arteries.

Deaf Tax: If you want to hear, you’ll have to pay taxes on those hearing aids and implants.

Implant/Prosthesis Tax: And speaking of implants, new body parts of any kind are gonna cost you. (This, too, could fall under the BOOB tax, as this affects perky parts of any cup size.)

Vision Tax: Contact lenses are on the list.

Heart Tax: This will include pacemaker systems, wires and even batteries!

How You Doin’ Tax: Monitors of all kinds will be taxed.

And finally…

Heart Attack Tax: Don’t plan on surviving a heart attack unless you’ve got your tax money in hand. Emergency Defibrillators and oxygen generators will be taxed as well.

It’s easy to see that the Baucus plan is to tax us on all single-use medical supplies/equipment, like pacemaker batteries and knee replacements. But even on the big ticket items, like hospital equipment that is used over again (endoscopes, IV infusions pumps, anesthetic machines, etc…), medical providers will pass those taxes on to the consumer, and result in even higher costs for care.

Those Democrats who are leading the charge for healthcare reform keep talking about how they want to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. It just doesn’t make sense that we’ll save money by paying more taxes. Only a BOOB would think that would work!

Until next time…

HELLO!!! It’s Not Because Obama’s Black, It IS Because He’s Taking Our Green And Turning It Red

Published September 14, 2009 by glaumland

I was reading the web today to get the news on the Tea Parties from over the weekend. I am astounded at this grass-roots movement and getting to see our democracy in action. It truly is awe-inspiring, at least to me.

However, one of the articles I came across today was this one from Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27120.html . Another story from Democrats saying that anyone who doesn’t support Obama must be racist. They go on to talk about how many in America weren’t ready for a black president. And they have a long laundry list of the many wrongs conservatives & Republicans have done to Obama:

“…rose up to say that he did not deserve honorary degrees from colleges that were giving him degrees last spring, members of Congress, Republican members of Congress, are spreading bogus rumors about where the president was born, and they whipped up opposition all across this country when President Obama wanted to give a speech to our nation’s schoolchildren to tell them to take responsibility, study hard and stay in school…”

Furthermore, the article goes on to say that most blacks believe that Obama has a heavier burden to carry than most other presidents, and that his opponents want his to fail so they can say “I told you so” about America not being ready for a black president.

And not only are his policies at risk, but so is Obama himself. According to Donna Brazile, longtime Democratic strategist and DNC leader,

“They’re worried sick about his safety,” Brazile said. “When they see some of these statements, the guns at his rallies, some of the hate talk on TV and radio, there’s a natural tendency because of the wounds that built up for centuries without being addressed to worry. It’s a natural concern for them to worry.” 

As for strategy, the Democrats are wary of calling all white voters ‘racist’ because they don’t want to offend those in the middle. And Republican, worried about looking too much like the good-old-white-boys-club, are having a tough time keeping their legitimate  policy criticisms from losing power by carrying around the racist backage thrown at them.

There has been alot of ‘boo-hoo-ing’ by Democrats this past week after Rep. Joe Wilson interupted Obama’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress. After all, never have THEY been so rude to a Republican White President. (Of course, it doesn’t take much hard looking to find many examples where Dems are braying against Bush 43, but Dems must have a short memory.) I happen to agree that it was rude and I am glad Wilson apologized to Obama, and that should be the end of it. If we’re going to start quartering and keel-hauling members to sanction them, it seems we could start with some of the members who have problems with their tax returns or are sleeping with interns.

OK, so I would propose that this isn’t a BLACK problem…most all of us who have a bank account want the account to be in the BLACK and not the RED. And that’s generally what happens when we put our GREEN into our account and leave it there: a nice BLACK number. But when Obama goes and spends Billions and Trillions for bailouts and clunckers, suddenly he’s taking my GREEN leaving me with RED numbers. And not just RED numbers for me, but for my kids as well. Even my 6 year old with his $1/week allowance (which he has to earn with chores) knows that this isn’t a good deal.

Too many Americans are fed up with the way that government wants to get bigger, not only by widening but also by putting down more layers. The only purpose of these new bureaucracies is to spend money. For another look at this, visit this site: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/09/12/the-spending-virus/ .

My advice – read, read and read. If you don’t understand what you are reading and hearing, try some different sites or speakers. Be educated on the facts, and not on the facts as someone tries to tell you they are. You’ll find there are alot of people out there who think just like you; there are also also who are just kooks. Honestly, most of the information I get today comes off of the internet, as I’ve found MSM to be too soft on liberals, but I do like to listen to both sides of the story, so I can make up my mind for myself.

Until next time…

Burning Bums In Washington

Published May 31, 2009 by glaumland

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your kids learn the things that you did as a child, then getting to relive your childhood all over again. Little Boy has recently learned the phrase, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” It is too funny, and a really good opportunity to talk about truthfulness.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this phrase floating around Washinton, DC alot lately. It seems we are daily assaulted with government lies: who knew (or didn’t know) what & when, who did (or didn’t do) something, who promised something and then did the opposite. What does a citizen do to get at the truth? Moreover, what does a parent do to teach their kids that this isn’t acceptable? Where do you draw the line?

The Stupid Lie

I haven’t been able to see a full clip of Pelosi’s now famous newsconference, you know, the one where she accused the CIA of lying (it’s the dial-up/no cable thingy). I definitely understand the part of government that involves secrecy, subterfuge, and keeping your cards close to your chest; that’s all about national security. I may not like it in all of its parts, but I do know that I like feeling safe in my own home and community. It’s definitely a trade-off I can live with.

So to me it really doesn’t matter what Pelosi knew and when, and I think alot of people originally felt that way. The problem as I see it came when she tried to make this into a  political magic trick – trying to saw the previous administration into pieces without getting into the box as well. And so the desire for punishment of, and revenge for, supposed wrongs usurped her sense of decency and honesty.

It is almost funny to see a liar get so caught up in their own lies. The more they open their mouths and try to justify their words, the more entangled they become, until they are twisting uselessly, not knowing which way to turn. Kind of reminds me of seeing gar wrapped on a trotline – so wrapped up in fishing line that they eventually can’t get free. To bad they didn’t just open their mouths and let go. For a woman who has a reputation at being “over-prepared” on nearly every subject she has touched, I find it hard to believe that something like this just slipped through the cracks. More likely, her facts didn’t hold up the fantasy she wanted to believe. 

Silly fish, I mean Pelosi – too bad she didn’t just open her mouth and tell the truth. Would she have taken a hit from some of the Lefties? Probably. But it seems more reasonable to explain to them that you, like everyone else, was terribly afraid of allowing any more terrorist attacks on American soil. People get fear; most have the images of 9-11 burned into their memories. Those that can’t understand that and look to punish the last administration aren’t worth having on your team.

OK, so Pelosi has tarnished her reputation, big deal. Politicians do it all of the time. But the problem is that now she has accused the CIA of lying. Could the CIA lie? Probably. Did they? I don’t know. But I do know that if Pelosi seriously thought she was being misled half a decade ago, she has had plenty of time to privately approach the CIA and call them on it. And there doesn’t seem to be any paper trail of that. Instead, all of the memos, brief, minutes, etc., seem to show that Pelosi did know about the waterboarding and made no objection at the time. Again, the fact that she didn’t object at the time doesn’t outrage anyone except some of the Lefties, and certainly not the average American, by the polls I have seen.

The real problem with Pelosi’s Dagwood Sandwich of Lies is that the CIA, one of the most important institutions for our national safety, is second-guessing themselves on how they should proceed. They are the ultimate fall guys: if they don’t get the information and America gets attacked, they’ll take the blame. If they do what they must to get the information to keep us safe, they’ll get hung out to dry or prosecuted by our courts. Who would want a job like that? It’s a sad day when playing political games is more important than assuring our national safety – one of the foremost reasons for a national government.

Should Pelosi lose her seat for lying? No, because as you’ll see, she’s in fine company. But should she lose her speaker-ship? Definitely, because even Democrats deserve leadership they can believe in.

The Grandiose Lie

The poor schmucks. I can almost feel for them, because we all like to look important in front of our family, friends, and co-workers. But how far will we go to do that? Embellish? Exagerate a little bit? What does it matter when it’s only a story and nobody will know the truth anyway? I think this is one place where we all have been.

Poor Joe Biden. Now this guy is a real schmuck. He failed in his attempt to become President #44, then got picked to be VP to a guy who really doesn’t want anyone’s advice anyway. So Joe is left to making public appearances and trying to seem important.

He wants to impress us: that’s why the world now knows about the SECRET bunker at the VP’s residence. I’m sure that little tidbit impressed some people at the White House Correspondant’s Dinner.

He wants to astonish us: that’s why he told the world that he spent so much time with POTUS43 and was on-hand to give Bush a dressing-down. I’m sure that made the anti-Bush crowd chuckle with glee. Too bad that there are witnesses who say, “Not so, Joe!”

He wants to astound us: that’s why Joe tells the most egregious lies of all – those about his family. He wants us to think that he’s the first one in his family to go to college; he wants us to think he grew up as a coal miner’s son (  http://www.cdobs.com/archive/our-columns/joe-biden-is-definitely-a-characterbut-does-he-have-character,1583  ); and worst of all, he vilifies a man who was in the accident that killed his first wife and daughter ( http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html ).

What is even worse is that news ‘hacks’ like Katie Couric pick up on these lies and report them as truth, never thinking about the honest people who are hurt in the process. (And speaking of KC, I haven’t seen her lately…is she doing the news with pants on yet? Or are they still showing the side shots of her short skirts and long legs?)

Poor schmucky Joe. But by now almost everyone knows he is a serial liar: http://goatsbarnyard.blogspot.com/2008/10/documenting-joe-bidens-lies-during.html (I found this site while I was researching goats! – No offense to the goats intended!)

Ooo…I almost forgot one of my favorites! Thank You, Al Gore, for inventing the internet! And for authoring the Earned Income Credit bill (even though it passed 2 years before you even got to congress.) And for showing us the evils of global warming even though NOAA proves it has gotten colder.

The Omission Lie

I don’t buy newspapers anymore. Not only do I not have time to sit down and read them, it seems they just end up filling up the trash bin. I can’t watch cable to see the latest happenings so I get most of my news from the Internet. Which is just as well, because that way I can go to my favorite sources and those I deem most reliable and get both sides of any story.

Too many news resources, from newspapers to radio to television to WWW, have gotten just too weird.  You’ve got the mainstream news, who spend alot of time tingling over their favorite candidates or showing off their gorgeous gams. Looks to me like they want to be part of the news rather than just report it. And you’ve got the TV “newsmagazines” that like to tell you who in Hollywood is sleeping with whom, or who got arrested, or wore what dress. Like I really care. Hello! I’ve got a real life. I do like watching some PBS news, but it generally isn’t aired at a slot when I have time to watch.

I don’t listen to radio – it doesn’t work in my car. Ha Ha Ha! This is so funny – it’s like I’m really living under a rock! Besides, it is never as entertaining or noisy as a couple of kids in the back seat.

And the newspapers that we’ve depended on during the last century have seemed to be more interested in being a part of the news rather than reporting on it. Now it seems as even one of the oldest and most respected (?) newspapers in our nation has been caught in another lie: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/03/31/did-the-nyt-spike-an-acorn-story-to-benefit-obama/ . The New York Times has had some problems in the last few years with reporters making up stories, and now it looks like they’ve got problems reporting on real stories.

The Misdirected Lie

I’ve got to hand it to the Obama administration: when it comes to sneakiness, they are aces! Somebody figured out (and my bet is on Rahm Emanuel) that if do something controversial on Friday afternoon, it sits all weekend in the dark before any MSM starts reporting on it. And if you are really lucky, something really big happens over the weekend, and all of the big reports are on it. Now that is subterfuge! So much for the promise of transparency!

You must have the Obamascription Rose-Colored Glasses if you’re not watching these numbers: unemployment is already much higher than Obama’s fuzzy figures showed it going , the deficit is growing by leaps and bounds, and the GDP is shrinking: http://conservativemeanderings.wordpress.com/2009/05/02/the-obama-disaster-by-the-numbers/ .

Hmmm…I may now be penalized for being responsible with my money and paying my credit cards on time. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/05/20/obama-signing-friday-breaks-transparency-pledge/  Hey, what about the ginormous stimulus bill that had to be passed so fast because the sky would fall if it wasn’t. The Democrats formulated and passed the bill before Republicans had time to read it.

To top it all off – who tells us all of the bad news? That would be Gibbs – the smarmiest guy I have ever seen as the White House Press Dude. He seems to take particular interest in be-littling, smart-ass responses to anyone who dares ask a serious question. That way, all of the Obamabots begin laughing at the ‘joke’ and forget the question. I hope the MSM starts to catch on soon; the “we inherited it” and “I don’t know” answers are starting to get a little lame.

The Outright Lie

Wow! If you haven’t figured it out already, it’s really easy to make promises while you’re on the campaign trail. Mr. Obama promised transparency and a new way of doing government, but obviously he didn’t mean that he would be changing in any way. What I don’t get is that this seems to be such an easy promise to keep – the transparency of giving America 5 days to comment on non-emergency legislation before signing it. Now we hear explanations about “when the clock starts ticking”. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/26/obama-vow-to-delay-signing-is-subject-to-interpret/ When you look at the number of bills stacking up, Obama’s commitment to his inauguration day pledge looks pretty dismal. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2009/04/27/obamas-transparency-average-drops/ 

And even before Obama took the oath of office, he was on the liar’s road. When it first became known that Illinois Governor Blago was auctioning the Senator’s seat, both Obama and Emanuel denied having any contact with the gov. Does that even make any sense? Why wouldn’t a governor and a senator have conversations about politics? Hello? Are we really that stupid? Finally, after there was proof, Emanuel admitted he did have contact with Blago. More info will probably come out as the proceedings against Blago continue; we’ll just have to wait and see.

And of course, two of my favorite lies: Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (or was that John Edwards?) and “It depends upon what the definition of ‘is’ is.” But let’s face it, guys have been lying about sex for years; some just don’t lose the knack after they get out of college. Of course, it could just be that Bill & John were doing research into women’s rights and female empowerment.

There are lots more examples, but this topic is driving me nuts. I hope you get the idea, though, that there are alot of bums (slang for bottoms) on fire in Washington these days.

Until next time…

Democrat Leadership – Smart-Asses or Dumb-Asses, or Both?

Published March 26, 2009 by glaumland

 Women and Wine, Wealth and Deceit, make the Wealth small, and the Wants great.

I continue to watch the Democratic leadership with a mixture of horror and fascination, caught somewhere between believing it’s all just a bad dream (nobody could be that bad on purpose) and believing in conspiracy theories (nobody could be that bad without trying). On the one hand, I want to believe that all Americans (and especially our elected leaders) have America’s best interests at heart. But on the other hand, I think that many politicians become politicians because they want the power that their office brings. So, part of me wants to be hopeful, without being naive, while another part of me wants to be on my guard, without becoming cynical.

Haste makes waste.

I’m not sure if this is Aesop or Poor Richard, but this seems to have been the rule, rather than the exception, for the Democrat-lead Congress and the Obama administration. They’ve spent TRILLIONS to save financial organizations and passed a 2009 budget spending many more TRILLIONS. I can’t even keep the numbers straight any more, there have been so many (between bank bail-outs, auto bail-outs, pork bills, etc). It’s pretty sad though, when the American public doesn’t blink its eyes when talking about BILLIONS, and only seems slightly dazed now that we’re constantly hearing TRILLIONS. I did check my calculator at home, and it only goes up to the 10-MILLIONs place, so I guess I’ll have to watch my budget a little more carefully – ha ha. (OK, I looked it up and Poor Richard said “Necessity never made a good bargain.”)

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

To paraphrase a Sonic commercial, “maybe it does because money is made of paper and paper is made of trees…” OK, not quite accurate these days (DH tells me that money is more fabric than anything) but funny nonetheless. Where does the government think they will get all of this money that they are spending? I read a report today that the administration is thinking up new ways to get money. Obviously, their idea to make America’s veterans carry private insurance wasn’t well thought out and it certainly didn’t go over well (my opinion was that this was one step that Obama & Co. had in mind to get their national health-care legislation passed, but they didn’t realize how much it would be opposed). The cap-and-trade policy to have power companies buy and sell polution credits already failed in Europe, so why would we try something that’s already been proven a loser (not to mention costing every American family more dollars). And we’ve also been told that we are not being patriotic if we don’t want to pay more taxes – so that would make several of Obama’s appointments to be some of the most un-American people in America (it doesn’t matter if they are unethical or just stupid – either way they are not fit to govern). So the dollar and the 401-Ks continue to roll downhill.

Promises may get thee friends, but non-performance will turn them into enemies.

Not only have we seen  some terrible economic blunders by the current administration, we’ve also seen some real doozies in our foreign relations. There is the cheap plastic button given to a Russian diplomat that say “overcharge” and not “reset” – I guess Hillary doesn’t have any friends or co-workers that are fluent in Russian. There was her statement that she doesn’t understand multi-party democracies (ummm…how many polical parties are there in the US?). Hillary told Bejing that our relationship with the Chinese is more important than their policies on human right issues (which is actually a GOOD thing if you’re selling second-hand Chinese ultrasound machines). And my final example here – and this is truly the best of all – giving the British Prime Minister a thoughtful gift of 25 DVDs of American movies in the US viewing format as opposed to the priceless & historic gifts America (not just Obama) received. Perhaps Obama should’ve made Martha Stewart his Secretary of State or maybe just gift-giving czar; I don’t think she would make such stupid and class-less moves.

Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.

Wait, I forgot, we’ve got Smart Diplomacy now! The first call Obama made was to a terrorist-supporting Palastinian leader, not to someone who has been closely allied to the US for many years. And if you don’t believe it from reading the above examples, just consider the following: Obama’s administration has declared that we’re no longer in a ‘Global War On Terror’, now we’re calling it ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’ (that sounds to me like taking Kaopectate and Charmin with you when you travel abroad). So now we can be friends with the countries that Bush labeled as “evil”. When North Korea fires a missile, it really is just a satellite so we can get better cell-phone coverage when we visit their country (just like the 2 reporters who weren’t ‘abducted’, they just received an all-expenses paid vacation at the Pyongyang Hilton). And the poor Iranians need to build nuclear energy power plants because they just don’t have any oil to burn! Boy, I’m feeling so much safer that I’ve just got that tingly feeling all over! (Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so obviously sarcastic.)

Here comes the orator, with his flood of words and his drop of reason.

I do have to confess that I enjoy watching clips of Obama answering questions without his trusty sidekick, the Teleprompter. I don’t get to see as many as I would like since I have dial-up and since MSM tends to ask fluffy questions. But I think the comparisons of Obama with Teleprompter and Obama sans Teleprompter show something more important: that our current president is actually an intellectual light-weight. His reasoning is circular,  and his responses are rambling and really don’t contain any pertinent information. His ideals aren’t in question, but his background is. It just proves that ACORN training and campaigning are no substitute for executive experience. What people have confused for intelligence is his ability to give speeches that were written for him and read off of a teleprompter. Now we have even more proof of his failings in his inability to fill the presidential cabinet and other political positions, as well as his allowing the Democratic co-horts of Reid and Pelosi to take leadership on stimulus and budget legislation. So just who is in charge, anyway?

Well done is better than well said.

One of the things that has really struck me though about the Obama administration is the number of foul-mouthed and smart-assed people Obama has surrounded himself with. We have ‘gotta love him’ Joe Biden who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. He can’t seem to remember the names of people he admires (Is is Justice Stevens or Stewart?) or the “website number” for how the TARP money is being spent. But Joe also responded with the F-bomb when one of his friends addressed him by his new title of “Mr. VP” – yeah, that’s certainly a good reason to curse at your friends. Classless Jerk#1. Rahm Emanuel, the current chief of staff, enjoys throwing the F-bomb around, in public, in his office, right there in the White House. He even has a souvenir name plate on his desk saying, “Undersecretary for Go (F-Bomb) Yourself.” Classless Jerk #2. Finally, we come to the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I don’t get to watch the daily press conferences very often (no cable, remember), but I can say that my favorite PS was Tony Snow (RIP). He always managed to deliver the briefings with respect towards the administration and the reporters, while remaining quick-witted and personable. And Ari Fleischer continues to be thoughtful and deliberate when delivering his comments. Not so the current Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. This longtime Obama spokesman seems to take special delight in making sarcastic remarks and delivering wisecracks, as if he is trying to do stand up comedy and get the press corps rolling on the floor laughing. His crass schtick seemed to work at first, but even lately the press appears to be getting weary of the act. Although he can’t seem to answer the serious questions that are now being put to him, Gibbs does have the one-liners to bash Cheney and Limbaugh, or complain that he is “all Russia’d out”, or giggling while he tries to convince a reporter that he is serious (jusk ask Obama cheerleader April Ryan). Classless Jerk #3. Is it me, or does there seem to be an awful lot of giggling from this administration.

What you would seem to be, be really. 

Bad policies and decision-making don’t mean that there is a conspiracy to undermine the America that our founding fathers created. But it is hard to believe that this much stupidity and lack of ethics, coupled with arrogance and elegance, could come together without someone pulling the strings. Just another argument for intelligent design over evolution.

The excellency of hogs is fatness, of men virtue.

I just had to throw this one in because of porkulus and just because I thought it was funny. (Hat tip to Benjamin Franklin for all of the nuggets of wisdom.)

Until next time…

Mr Hope & Change

Published February 22, 2009 by glaumland

I think he meant that he hope’d he could change, but I think we can all see he really hasn’t. But to be honest, he has lived up to everything I expected.You see, I have a litmus test for politicians. Really pretty basic, but it’s amazing how many people don’t measure up.

Test #1 – What is their relationship with God? And I’m not talking about the photo op standing outside of church looking churchy. I like to know that a candidate/politician lives out the Christian life they claim to have.

Test #2 – What is their relationship with their family, and especially with their spouse. I’ve no respect for cheaters. Period.

Test #3 – How do they treat others? Are they respectful of other people or do they act as if the world revolves around them? Do they keep their promises. And finally,

Test #4 – How do they treat America? Do their words and actions hold her up, or do they muddy her reputation. Do they understand that they are living in MY house and working in MY office building? Do they realize that they are paid with MY money, and that all of the parties and jets and paperwork are paid by ME?

So one month into his administration, how IS Obama doing?

Test #1 – Fail. Anyone who would attend a church for 20 years and expose their children to the vulgarity that is preached cares more for worldly matters than listening to God’s Word. I can’t tell from anything he says that God has any part of his decision making or agenda. And, of course, he claims to be Christian, but he spends a lot of time making up to the Muslim world. Hmmmm….

Test #2 – Pass. It is easy to see that Obama genuinely cares for his wife, and his daughters appear to be happy, well-balanced children.

Test #3 – Fail. I knew from the beginning that Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t keep everything he promised. Whether that was from stupidity or ambition, I’m still not sure. We know he’s ambitious – just look at his meteoric rise in office. And his two autobiographies (like anyone cared who he was back then – most people wait to write their life story AFTER they’ve done something). Then we have little comments like, “I won,” that sounds more like grade school whining, and showing up to meetings late (again proving that the world should revolve around him). How pathetic. And as for transparency, let’s start with REAL birth records and college transcripts and medical records. How about the promise to give up the Blackberry? Or the promise of bipartisanship (oh, I’m sorry…he DID invite some folks over o watch the Super Bowl). Why does he get a pass when no one else does?

Test #4 – Fail. While thousands of people are suffering from cold, Obama turns the heat up in the Oval Office (and I’M paying the electric bill). He’s surrounded himself with lobbyists (broken promise), tax cheats, and idiots (the Energy Secretary that doesn’t know he’s in charge of oil; the Transportation Secretary who wants to tax us by the mile; the Treasury Secretary who’s too dumb to figure his own taxes; the Secretary of State who just told China that as long as the money flows our way, you can treat your people anyway you want; he let two power-hungry morons put together a “stimulus” bill that was so porky it oinked (But he said “there are no earmarks in this package.” Nobody read the bill since it was rushed through in the dark of night, and to pass it the Dems had to wake up Teddy K and wheel him in to sign. And our dear leader has been jetting around the country campaigning for his programs…how much fuel does Air Force One use, anyway?

But wait! There’s exciting news today! Obama said that starting in April my family can expect to have an extra $65 every month! WOW! I wonder how I’ll invest that? I know – I’ll send it to the Chinese Christians, I know they’re going to need help.

At least is seems like some people are starting to come out of the trance (even MSM) and see Obama for what he really is. You know, I think he would have done really great on Baywatch. Solving beach & relationship problems one hour at a time, and lookin’ good doin’ it. Yep, he missed his calling.

I Don’t Want to Go to the Porkfest Prom!

Published February 6, 2009 by glaumland

Unfortunately, if things in DC don’t go the way I’m praying for, the Prom King Reid & Queen Pelosi will not only send me an invitation, but my parents, my elderly relatives, my children, their children (hopefully a LONG time off) and all of our friends – past, present & future. Unfortunately, this isn’t an invite that we can turn down. I tried to explain to my children tonight what exactly a trillion is, but it is even hard for me to get my mind around.

Where the heck did this giant come from? I can’t believe that this package only started since BHO’s inauguration, nor even since his election. I think this is a wish list that the Dems have been working on, trading on, promising on for many years. It’s laughable really: the Dems get their man elected, and then turn around and start hacking his legs off! If BHO stays bipartisan (like he promised) and works with the Republicans (like he promised) for the good of all American people (like he promised), he won’t find any support from the mainline Dems. But can he stand as his own man, knowing that he owes so much to so many – having made who knows how many promises to get nominated for his party. Not to mention those who groomed him for American politics and then guided him into public service.

You know what I would like to see? I’d like to have each legislator who put anything in the the “stimulus” package, stand before the country on TV and explain exactly how their plans will work, and gives us the number of jobs that will be created & when. And how they define, “Shovel-ready.” It is just incredible how these people get elected. Maybe part & parcel of being a Republican is being cynical of other’s abilities to govern my money & my life, thinking that perhaps both are better off in MY hands.

The thing that really gets me is accountability: How can these elected officials be tax cheats? Doesn’t every politician pay their taxes on April 15th, just like the rest of us? OK, I know that is a rhetorical question, now, but I find it enlightening that so many aren’t doing it? Perhaps a bill should be presented that all politicians get audited every year. After all, their not just spending their own money, but their constituents, their election committee, and who knows just how many pots their hands are into. I do like the proposed “Rangell Bill” – not sure it’s one I’ll ever use, but it does seem more fair.

I think if the motto of the Democrats is “Hope & Change” ™, my new motto will be “Hope & Pray”. God’s already blessed us, perhaps too much so, but I pray that he keeps us safe & strong & focused on Him. Until next time…