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Obama’s Fantasy Island

Published June 26, 2009 by glaumland

So many people probably don’t remember this TV show so let me clue you in:

Someone (say Gina, the librarian) paid for a vacation at Fantasy Island. Mr. Roarke (played by the wonderful Ricardo Montalbon) created their fantasies for them to live out (let’s say Gina wanted to fall in love with a rock star). Someone from their real lives end up with a surprise vacation (like Ed, the janitor, who’s always had a thing for Gina). Gina goes on to find out that the rock-n-roll lifestyle isn’t her cup of tea and that rockers may be hi-fi but usually not fi (that’s fidelity for you youngsters). So Gina hooks up with Ed, and the guy who had a fantasy about being a rocker gets his vacation…get the idea?

Anyway, I think Obama needs a vacation on fantasy island. We all know what his fantasies are: instant healthcare reform, instant banking reform, instant car reform, instant diplomacy with rogue nations, instant power reform…many with price tags in the trillions.

Anyway, on Fantasy Island Obama would have as much money and cooperation as he needed to see his goals accomplished. He would see the people dying because they were too risky to spend precious government medical dollars on. Obama would see the financial world in a bigger mess because poor policies leads to more poor policies (oops – are we there yet!). He would see that by-passing the bankruptcy system doesn’t create a brand new healthy auto industry. He would see that the nations who hate us won’t change just because he wears an “America Sucks!” button. And he would wear a CO2 monitor to see just how much of a carbon emissions problem he is, especially when he’s speachifying..

Would Obama then see the light? Would he convert to conservatism? No, I doubt it. He’d probably be one of those odd screwballs who got sucked into Fantasy Island and never got out. Now THAT’S my fantasy!

Until next time…


Democrat Leadership – Smart-Asses or Dumb-Asses, or Both?

Published March 26, 2009 by glaumland

 Women and Wine, Wealth and Deceit, make the Wealth small, and the Wants great.

I continue to watch the Democratic leadership with a mixture of horror and fascination, caught somewhere between believing it’s all just a bad dream (nobody could be that bad on purpose) and believing in conspiracy theories (nobody could be that bad without trying). On the one hand, I want to believe that all Americans (and especially our elected leaders) have America’s best interests at heart. But on the other hand, I think that many politicians become politicians because they want the power that their office brings. So, part of me wants to be hopeful, without being naive, while another part of me wants to be on my guard, without becoming cynical.

Haste makes waste.

I’m not sure if this is Aesop or Poor Richard, but this seems to have been the rule, rather than the exception, for the Democrat-lead Congress and the Obama administration. They’ve spent TRILLIONS to save financial organizations and passed a 2009 budget spending many more TRILLIONS. I can’t even keep the numbers straight any more, there have been so many (between bank bail-outs, auto bail-outs, pork bills, etc). It’s pretty sad though, when the American public doesn’t blink its eyes when talking about BILLIONS, and only seems slightly dazed now that we’re constantly hearing TRILLIONS. I did check my calculator at home, and it only goes up to the 10-MILLIONs place, so I guess I’ll have to watch my budget a little more carefully – ha ha. (OK, I looked it up and Poor Richard said “Necessity never made a good bargain.”)

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

To paraphrase a Sonic commercial, “maybe it does because money is made of paper and paper is made of trees…” OK, not quite accurate these days (DH tells me that money is more fabric than anything) but funny nonetheless. Where does the government think they will get all of this money that they are spending? I read a report today that the administration is thinking up new ways to get money. Obviously, their idea to make America’s veterans carry private insurance wasn’t well thought out and it certainly didn’t go over well (my opinion was that this was one step that Obama & Co. had in mind to get their national health-care legislation passed, but they didn’t realize how much it would be opposed). The cap-and-trade policy to have power companies buy and sell polution credits already failed in Europe, so why would we try something that’s already been proven a loser (not to mention costing every American family more dollars). And we’ve also been told that we are not being patriotic if we don’t want to pay more taxes – so that would make several of Obama’s appointments to be some of the most un-American people in America (it doesn’t matter if they are unethical or just stupid – either way they are not fit to govern). So the dollar and the 401-Ks continue to roll downhill.

Promises may get thee friends, but non-performance will turn them into enemies.

Not only have we seen  some terrible economic blunders by the current administration, we’ve also seen some real doozies in our foreign relations. There is the cheap plastic button given to a Russian diplomat that say “overcharge” and not “reset” – I guess Hillary doesn’t have any friends or co-workers that are fluent in Russian. There was her statement that she doesn’t understand multi-party democracies (ummm…how many polical parties are there in the US?). Hillary told Bejing that our relationship with the Chinese is more important than their policies on human right issues (which is actually a GOOD thing if you’re selling second-hand Chinese ultrasound machines). And my final example here – and this is truly the best of all – giving the British Prime Minister a thoughtful gift of 25 DVDs of American movies in the US viewing format as opposed to the priceless & historic gifts America (not just Obama) received. Perhaps Obama should’ve made Martha Stewart his Secretary of State or maybe just gift-giving czar; I don’t think she would make such stupid and class-less moves.

Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.

Wait, I forgot, we’ve got Smart Diplomacy now! The first call Obama made was to a terrorist-supporting Palastinian leader, not to someone who has been closely allied to the US for many years. And if you don’t believe it from reading the above examples, just consider the following: Obama’s administration has declared that we’re no longer in a ‘Global War On Terror’, now we’re calling it ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’ (that sounds to me like taking Kaopectate and Charmin with you when you travel abroad). So now we can be friends with the countries that Bush labeled as “evil”. When North Korea fires a missile, it really is just a satellite so we can get better cell-phone coverage when we visit their country (just like the 2 reporters who weren’t ‘abducted’, they just received an all-expenses paid vacation at the Pyongyang Hilton). And the poor Iranians need to build nuclear energy power plants because they just don’t have any oil to burn! Boy, I’m feeling so much safer that I’ve just got that tingly feeling all over! (Sorry, I didn’t mean to get so obviously sarcastic.)

Here comes the orator, with his flood of words and his drop of reason.

I do have to confess that I enjoy watching clips of Obama answering questions without his trusty sidekick, the Teleprompter. I don’t get to see as many as I would like since I have dial-up and since MSM tends to ask fluffy questions. But I think the comparisons of Obama with Teleprompter and Obama sans Teleprompter show something more important: that our current president is actually an intellectual light-weight. His reasoning is circular,  and his responses are rambling and really don’t contain any pertinent information. His ideals aren’t in question, but his background is. It just proves that ACORN training and campaigning are no substitute for executive experience. What people have confused for intelligence is his ability to give speeches that were written for him and read off of a teleprompter. Now we have even more proof of his failings in his inability to fill the presidential cabinet and other political positions, as well as his allowing the Democratic co-horts of Reid and Pelosi to take leadership on stimulus and budget legislation. So just who is in charge, anyway?

Well done is better than well said.

One of the things that has really struck me though about the Obama administration is the number of foul-mouthed and smart-assed people Obama has surrounded himself with. We have ‘gotta love him’ Joe Biden who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. He can’t seem to remember the names of people he admires (Is is Justice Stevens or Stewart?) or the “website number” for how the TARP money is being spent. But Joe also responded with the F-bomb when one of his friends addressed him by his new title of “Mr. VP” – yeah, that’s certainly a good reason to curse at your friends. Classless Jerk#1. Rahm Emanuel, the current chief of staff, enjoys throwing the F-bomb around, in public, in his office, right there in the White House. He even has a souvenir name plate on his desk saying, “Undersecretary for Go (F-Bomb) Yourself.” Classless Jerk #2. Finally, we come to the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I don’t get to watch the daily press conferences very often (no cable, remember), but I can say that my favorite PS was Tony Snow (RIP). He always managed to deliver the briefings with respect towards the administration and the reporters, while remaining quick-witted and personable. And Ari Fleischer continues to be thoughtful and deliberate when delivering his comments. Not so the current Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. This longtime Obama spokesman seems to take special delight in making sarcastic remarks and delivering wisecracks, as if he is trying to do stand up comedy and get the press corps rolling on the floor laughing. His crass schtick seemed to work at first, but even lately the press appears to be getting weary of the act. Although he can’t seem to answer the serious questions that are now being put to him, Gibbs does have the one-liners to bash Cheney and Limbaugh, or complain that he is “all Russia’d out”, or giggling while he tries to convince a reporter that he is serious (jusk ask Obama cheerleader April Ryan). Classless Jerk #3. Is it me, or does there seem to be an awful lot of giggling from this administration.

What you would seem to be, be really. 

Bad policies and decision-making don’t mean that there is a conspiracy to undermine the America that our founding fathers created. But it is hard to believe that this much stupidity and lack of ethics, coupled with arrogance and elegance, could come together without someone pulling the strings. Just another argument for intelligent design over evolution.

The excellency of hogs is fatness, of men virtue.

I just had to throw this one in because of porkulus and just because I thought it was funny. (Hat tip to Benjamin Franklin for all of the nuggets of wisdom.)

Until next time…

Uncle Sam vs. Porky Pig: The Great Antacid Wars

Published February 12, 2009 by glaumland

With all of the pork that’s Washington’s dishing out, I think the biggest winner will be all of the companies selling antacid products. Providing, of course, that the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research believes that this treatment option is one that should be available to you and your doctors.

Amazing. I can’t believe it. How can anyone think that the world would be better off with fewer treatment options available to everyone? And the reason – because all of the new drugs and treatments are pushing up healthcare costs for everyone. Only a total MORON would come up with that reason, so ‘Thank-you’ Mr Daschle, author of ‘Critical: What We Can Do About The Healthcare Crisis,’ for giving the Democrats your blueprint! I’ve never thought much of Daschle, or BHO, or Pelosi, or Reid, or…wait, do I see a pattern here? Here’s what I do think about this blatant attempt to socialize medicine & healthcare in the USA:

First, the government doesn’t need to study the effectiveness of medical treatments. There are already lots of doctors, universities, companies and organizations who are already doing that. You can’t tell me that a government bureaucrat is better able to read and understand research reports than the doctors who spent years studying and specializing in their particular area of medicine. Look at the mess and heartache that the Lancet created with their report on vaccine & autism. If anything, the doctors in the field need to spend more time looking at research and anecdotal reports, and use their own knowledge and experience to make the determination of what is best for their patients (hence the growing popularity of evidence-based medicine).  Patients & their families also need to educate themselves about all of their options.

If anything, this bill will assure fraud in the medical industry and in the parts of the government that are supposed to safeguard the health of America. The only new medical advances will be by those companies who pay off someone in FDA or by companies who can count a legislator amongst their stockholders. I guess that the liberal left can’t figure out that competition between companies actually helps to DECREASE the cost of healthcare. Every drug & medical supply company is racing to be the first to bring a new class of drug or treatment out into the market, and the prices are terribly high when they’ve got the only one in town. (Of course, if your doc has a great drug rep, you can easily get the first sample for free.) But when other companies bring out similar drugs/treatments in the same class, the prices fall because of competition. And to think that the Europeans are the models for “foregoing experimental treatments,” is even more laughable considering that most “experimental” drugs are on the market several years in Europe before getting clearance to be used in the US.

As someone who suffers from both Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, I have been lucky enough to have doctors who stay up on the latest studies and treatments and discuss with me what is available. I also am smart enough to know that ‘modern’ medicine isn’t always the best way; too often I find that older, more natural methods are best. But the point is, these decisions are left to me and my doctors.

Second – What the heck does “meaningful user” mean? Of course, we don’t know because that isn’t spelled out in the Pork Bill. Someday, someone will decide what a “meaningful user” is and anyone who doesn’t fit the definition of “meaningful user” will be penalized and if a “meaningful user” doesn’t progressively become a more “meaningful user,” more severe penalties will be imposed. In other words, BHO and his lackey’s want to make healthcare into a game where only they can see the playing board, only they know the rules, and they can change the rules anytime depending on where their playing piece falls. As someone who work hard to play by the rules of life (Moses only needed Ten Commandments!), I don’t like to play games that way, especially with my healthcare. Heck, why bother having years of training and experience when the government’s plan would just skip the doctor?

Gives new meaning to ‘tele-medicine’ – press 1 if you have a fever, press 2 if you have a rash, press 3 for a headache, press 4 if you’re puking, press 5 if it’s coming out the other end, press 6 for a snotty nose…press 0 for “uh-oh.” And then if you hold the phone up to your body, you can get ‘tele-treatment’ for your illness. Hell, maybe I’ll patent the new “Magic Medical 8 Ball” – just tell it your symptoms, shake it, and it’ll tell you what treatment you need. Or deserve. (Darn, I just gave away my idea. If you ever see it, it’s mine!)

Whatever happened to honoring your elders? In this new healthcare program, younger & more viable patients will go to the head of the treatment line, leaving the elderly out in the cold. Give me a break – using a person’s age as part of a mathematical formula on whether or not they deserve treatment! Shoot, next we’ll throw financial status, looks, race, who you know, & how “good” you are into the equation. If BHO, Tommy D, and the rest of the Democrat minions have their way, the US will look a lot like the movie ‘Logan’s Run.’ So, we know Teddy K is voting for this bill, what do you think his health score will be? Will prominent political family outweigh drunken old lech?

I do think that the dignity of death should be honored in our society. Unfortunately, it seems that too often quality of life is sacrificed for quantity of life. However, I believe that those decisions are best left to individuals and their families – not doctors, not insurance companies, not society and certainly not bureaucrats.

Frankly, I think that hiding this healthcare bill in the middle of a supposed ‘stimulus’ package is a CHICKEN-SHIT thing to do. I expect that kind of crap from Daschle, and from BHO, and from the freaky liberals, but I didn’t expect the Republicans to bend over. I wonder if KY Jelly is on the approved drug list and if Uncle Sam will qualify to receive it.

Well, I know this rant is a little out of character with my usually sweet character & clever posts, but I am passionate about America’s healthcare system. I’m just now figuring out how the game works, I don’t need to have the rules changed. To quote the little fat kid, “Democrats really piss me off.” Join me for some “Hope & Change” – all of my spare change will go to buy antacids I hope will keep the indigestion under control.

Until next time…

I Don’t Want to Go to the Porkfest Prom!

Published February 6, 2009 by glaumland

Unfortunately, if things in DC don’t go the way I’m praying for, the Prom King Reid & Queen Pelosi will not only send me an invitation, but my parents, my elderly relatives, my children, their children (hopefully a LONG time off) and all of our friends – past, present & future. Unfortunately, this isn’t an invite that we can turn down. I tried to explain to my children tonight what exactly a trillion is, but it is even hard for me to get my mind around.

Where the heck did this giant come from? I can’t believe that this package only started since BHO’s inauguration, nor even since his election. I think this is a wish list that the Dems have been working on, trading on, promising on for many years. It’s laughable really: the Dems get their man elected, and then turn around and start hacking his legs off! If BHO stays bipartisan (like he promised) and works with the Republicans (like he promised) for the good of all American people (like he promised), he won’t find any support from the mainline Dems. But can he stand as his own man, knowing that he owes so much to so many – having made who knows how many promises to get nominated for his party. Not to mention those who groomed him for American politics and then guided him into public service.

You know what I would like to see? I’d like to have each legislator who put anything in the the “stimulus” package, stand before the country on TV and explain exactly how their plans will work, and gives us the number of jobs that will be created & when. And how they define, “Shovel-ready.” It is just incredible how these people get elected. Maybe part & parcel of being a Republican is being cynical of other’s abilities to govern my money & my life, thinking that perhaps both are better off in MY hands.

The thing that really gets me is accountability: How can these elected officials be tax cheats? Doesn’t every politician pay their taxes on April 15th, just like the rest of us? OK, I know that is a rhetorical question, now, but I find it enlightening that so many aren’t doing it? Perhaps a bill should be presented that all politicians get audited every year. After all, their not just spending their own money, but their constituents, their election committee, and who knows just how many pots their hands are into. I do like the proposed “Rangell Bill” – not sure it’s one I’ll ever use, but it does seem more fair.

I think if the motto of the Democrats is “Hope & Change” ™, my new motto will be “Hope & Pray”. God’s already blessed us, perhaps too much so, but I pray that he keeps us safe & strong & focused on Him. Until next time…