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You Be The Judge – Who Is More Effective?

Published September 23, 2011 by glaumland

Happy US Energy’s Solar Decathalon Day! Too bad nobody remembered to order sunshine. The people who visited the competition at the National Mall had to walk around in the rain with umbrellas. I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere about climate karma, but honestly, with a price tag at $100,000 per team (19 this year) I don’t know what there is to laugh about.

The first thing I noticed was that the price tag of the model shown came in at about $450-500,000. The goal is to create an energy efficient home, but at this rate nobody could afford one. That’s a great example of government INefficiency.

Now here are some examples of homes that entrepreneurs are developing to help create affordable housing:  & . Cute, affordable, and energy efficient.

OK, so we’ve paid nearly $200K for 19 government-sponsored homes, when we could have gotten 100 tiny homes from private industry. Remind me again, why the government isn’t good at this game?

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The FreeDumm-ies Of The Press

Published January 26, 2011 by glaumland

It’s been a while since I have read Animal Farm by George Orwell. It’s an amazing story and one that should be required reading for all (I know, that isn’t exactly freedom).

But perhaps as important as the story is the preface that was not printed with most editions of the book. How telling is that? Here’s an excerpt, thanks to Wikipedia:

“The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. … Things are kept right out of the British press, not because the Government intervenes but because of a general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact.”

Now replace ‘England’ with ‘United States’ and ‘British’ with ‘American.’ Unfortunately, Orwell’s observation about the Brits during WWII is just as accurate about the Mainstream Media today. Whether the story (or absence of one) is about the economy, sharia, Obama-care, Sarah Palin, climate-change, abortion or many other topics, the MSM is out to promote their agenda, not to report facts. Just look at the TV line-ups and you see how much time is devoted to ‘opinion journalism’ from left and right. Where it used to be that an opinion of a publication was delivered on the editorial page, these days it seems that most journalists feel that it is their opinion of events, and not the facts, that are important.

Now I see a report that PBS Newshour is the most trusted source of news. Yeah, right. Personally, I figure since my tax dollars pay to keep Public Television on the air, it is good to keep an eye and ear on them. Imagine my surprise (silly me, I actually was!) that there was no coverage of the grand jury indictment handed down against Kermit Gosnell of the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society. It is a big story, and bound to bring the issue of abortion to the national forefront. But I guess PBS isn’t interested. Not even a whisper on their show or website. And according to Brent Bozell over at, ” “CBS Evening News” had one story, NBC’s “Today” “offered 50 vague words and ABC couldn’t be bothered. Rachel Maddow anchored an entire hour-long special on the shooting death of abortionist George Tiller, but a Nexis search finds no one on MSNBC could even whisper the name of Kermit Gosnell. (CNN and Fox News each followed the story for a few days.)” Is that journalism?

Specifically, my take on the Gosnell story is that it isn’t even right to call this man a ‘doctor’ as physicians take an oath ‘to do no harm.’ How he got away butchering babies and women for decades is something I don’t understand. Here’s another quote: 

Associated Press reported, “Prosecutors described the clinic as a ‘house of horrors’ where Gosnell kept baby body parts on the shelves, allowed a 15-year-old high school student to perform intravenous anesthesia on patients and had his licensed cosmetologist wife do late-term abortions.”

 I’m not a proponent of medical lawsuits, but I think that the administrators for the Pennsylvania Department of State, Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, and the Philadelphis Health Dept. should be liable for damages. In whopping big amounts. Maybe there should be some convictions of public officials, as well. Hopefully the PA attorney general pushes this until the very end, not only convicting the people who did wrong, but also putting the fear of God into others who might think this is acceptable behavior. Read this post from Michelle Malkin for more horrific abortion scandals: The press better wake up soon because this is set to explode into a major national controversy.

I don’t believe abortion is right and I don’t believe it is a right. I was ambivalent about this issue when I was younger, thinking everyone should decide for themselves. However, my views were crystallized when we lost our first child at 14 weeks of pregnancy. The OB-GYN didn’t even realize the baby was gone, and a nurse talked about our ‘spontaneous abortion.’ That’s the medical term for miscarriage, but it is too many letters to write in a chart, so the abbreviation ‘SAB’ is used instead. To be told I had aborted my child, even with the qualifier of ‘spontaneous,’ was too much. Unfortunately, we lost that baby and two others. And I began to realize exactly how precious life is, especially those little lives. To some they may be ‘fetal tissue’ or a ‘cluster of cells’, but to me they are a miracle of creation, genetically unique from all other life.

But back to the main issue of this blog, which it the freedom of the press NOT to report news. When did it happen that journalists elevated themselves & determined that they should give us the stories that are important to them? Why do they think that their opinions are of any interest to us? Where do they get off preaching to us? How will this end?

Huh, isn’t that funny. I just asked the most important questions in journalism: Who, What, Where, When & How. And that’s all I ask; give me the facts and let me decide for myself what the news means to me.

By the way, here’s some other news that hasn’t made the news:

Staff Sargeant Patrick Zeigler was shot in the head 4 times by Major Hasan during the Fort Hood shooting (more aptly termed Act of War or Act of Terrorism, but you won’t see that in the MSM). Sargeant Zeigler has endured multiple surgeries to repair his head wounds, and has made tremendous strides in his recovery. His fiance and now wife Jessica has charted their journey at Why is it that we’ve gotten moment-by-moment updates on Congresswoman Giffords but hardly any reports about the victims of Ft. Hood? Because it fits the message of the journalists.

Christians are being slaughtered by the scores in “moderate, peaceful” Middle East countries. (Oh, and let’s not forget Russia or China as well) Here’s a recent article in Big Peace: I see that Al Qaeda is not only posting plans for making bombs on their websites, but now, for the sake of convenience  I’m certain, they are also posting the locations of Christian churches. Sure, I know that Islam is a peaceful religion. Sure, I know that I can’t use words like ‘terrorist’ or ‘extremist’ or ‘crusade’ because I might offend someone. Sure, I know that it isn’t right to profile people who prefer Arab dress. How do I know all of these things? Not because I decided they were true, but because the MSM told me so!

Lee Stranahan @ has been doing extensive work on the Pigford Fraud. It looks as though our tax money that was set aside to compensate black farmers for discrimination has been wasted through excessive attorney fees and payments to people who aren’t (or weren’t) farmers. Lee interviewed two gentlemen that had aired their frustrations with this situation to Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop (yeah, THAT Sanford Bishop, of the Congressional Black Caucus). In response, depending on the time of day and who he was talking to, Bishop reported that a) sure there was fraud but policing it wasn’t in his job description, b) he’s surprised to hear about any fraud and those gentlemen must surely be doing too much drinking, and c) sure there was fraud and that is why the legislation had anti-fraud provisions, and oh by the way, those gentlemen are just disgruntled. What a load of PIGCRAP from a man elected by Americans and paid by Americans to be in service to America. So what does the MSM have to say about this? (…Crickets…)

Ok, this turned into a really long post and rant. But my overall message is this…get out on the web and look at lots of news sites and really find out the stories that should be in the news. Take your opinions and your thoughts back from the MSM journalist and make up your own mind. It’s time we all started thinking and talking. Evil can’t survive in the sunlight.

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Baucus Puts The ‘Boob’ In BOOB TAX!

Published October 8, 2009 by glaumland

Senator Max Baucus has become the Democrat’s Champion on “bipartisan” health reform. It isn’t truly bipartisan, but the Democrats are trying to position it that way, as anyone who isn’t for Pelosi’s public option plan would surely support Mr. Baucus. Hah! Baucus’ plan is just another ring act in the healthcare reform circus.

If Senator Baucus gets his way, Class II – VI medical items over $100 will start getting taxed. (His original proposal to tax all medical items got thrown out, after it became known as the TAMPON TAX!)

I looked at a *.pdf organized by Ed Morrissey over at and found out just how many ways we’re gonna be taxed if Max Baucus gets his way…

Smile Tax:  Denture & Braces – whether you are young or old, you’ll have to pay more for a nice smile.

Milk Tax:  Breast Pumps – so much for saving money on formula.

Wheel Chair Tax: Why see the world when you can stay home and watch it on TV?

Lab Tax: getting lab tests will be more expensive with longer waits for results when they start taxing lab equipment & kits.

Oxygen Tax: Yep, they’re gonna tax you to breathe, that is if you want to have a portable O2 machine.

Cancer Tax: Treatment devices for many cancer diagnosis and therapies fall under this tax. (Maybe we can rename it the BOOB TAX: The tax for mammograms and the Boobs who passed the tax!)

Stent Tax: Learn to live with clogged arteries.

Deaf Tax: If you want to hear, you’ll have to pay taxes on those hearing aids and implants.

Implant/Prosthesis Tax: And speaking of implants, new body parts of any kind are gonna cost you. (This, too, could fall under the BOOB tax, as this affects perky parts of any cup size.)

Vision Tax: Contact lenses are on the list.

Heart Tax: This will include pacemaker systems, wires and even batteries!

How You Doin’ Tax: Monitors of all kinds will be taxed.

And finally…

Heart Attack Tax: Don’t plan on surviving a heart attack unless you’ve got your tax money in hand. Emergency Defibrillators and oxygen generators will be taxed as well.

It’s easy to see that the Baucus plan is to tax us on all single-use medical supplies/equipment, like pacemaker batteries and knee replacements. But even on the big ticket items, like hospital equipment that is used over again (endoscopes, IV infusions pumps, anesthetic machines, etc…), medical providers will pass those taxes on to the consumer, and result in even higher costs for care.

Those Democrats who are leading the charge for healthcare reform keep talking about how they want to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. It just doesn’t make sense that we’ll save money by paying more taxes. Only a BOOB would think that would work!

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Tea Parties & Taxes

Published April 16, 2009 by glaumland

Yea! Another tax day has come and passed, and that awful chore is done for a whole 9 months. I can’t decide if that is good or depressing. It was relatively painless this year EXCEPT for MO. Sorry MO, you seriously have a crappy tax form; much too difficult to understand and navigate, especially for the NR. The KS form is a breeze, especially the webfile.

At least we ended up with some little refunds this year, which is alot better than owing. I don’t know what to expect next year, but I’m not expecting anything good. We have lots of charitable giving and from what I understand, that’s one of the area’s we’re most likely to be affected. Ouch!

Speaking of being effected, the new “Congratulations you’ve got a job so here’s an extra $6/wk and we’ll tax it as income next year” payments started coming through in our checks. And we don’t even have the ability to opt out of it. It really makes me mad that the government is giving me “stimulus” money to tax me on without my having a say on if I want it. I’d rather just get paid for the wages I work and forget the extra government crap. Seems to me it’s just another case of big government saying “Don’t worry – we’re here to help.” HA!

I didn’t get to watch much news tonight, but it sounds like the tea parties nationwide went off pretty well today. I did hear one guy in KC interviewed. He was a DNC worker who said the expected stuff: “They’re just mad they lost the election,” “They’re trying to prove they’re relevant,” “They’re not really that organized…” BS all the way around.

And speaking of BS, I read that the official White House take on the Tea Parties was that our Dear POTUS didn’t really know anything about them. So either he’s really stupid (hmmm…that’s a tough call) or he’s just lying again. Let’s see…

Didn’t know that there were Tea Parties organized around the country. Check.

Didn’t know that his mentor Rev. Wright preached inflammatory garbage from the pulpit. Check.

Didn’t know that his co-chairman and fundraiser Bill Ayers was a terrorist. Check.

Didn’t know that you don’t bow to a foreign leader. Check. (But he didn’t REALLY!)

Didn’t know that there is an Office of Protocol to take of care of gifts for foreign dignitaries. Check.

Wow, no wonder he just voted “present” so many times. He really doesn’t seem to know much!

Well, gotta go make some tea. Until next time…