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HELLO!!! It’s Not Because Obama’s Black, It IS Because He’s Taking Our Green And Turning It Red

Published September 14, 2009 by glaumland

I was reading the web today to get the news on the Tea Parties from over the weekend. I am astounded at this grass-roots movement and getting to see our democracy in action. It truly is awe-inspiring, at least to me.

However, one of the articles I came across today was this one from Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0909/27120.html . Another story from Democrats saying that anyone who doesn’t support Obama must be racist. They go on to talk about how many in America weren’t ready for a black president. And they have a long laundry list of the many wrongs conservatives & Republicans have done to Obama:

“…rose up to say that he did not deserve honorary degrees from colleges that were giving him degrees last spring, members of Congress, Republican members of Congress, are spreading bogus rumors about where the president was born, and they whipped up opposition all across this country when President Obama wanted to give a speech to our nation’s schoolchildren to tell them to take responsibility, study hard and stay in school…”

Furthermore, the article goes on to say that most blacks believe that Obama has a heavier burden to carry than most other presidents, and that his opponents want his to fail so they can say “I told you so” about America not being ready for a black president.

And not only are his policies at risk, but so is Obama himself. According to Donna Brazile, longtime Democratic strategist and DNC leader,

“They’re worried sick about his safety,” Brazile said. “When they see some of these statements, the guns at his rallies, some of the hate talk on TV and radio, there’s a natural tendency because of the wounds that built up for centuries without being addressed to worry. It’s a natural concern for them to worry.” 

As for strategy, the Democrats are wary of calling all white voters ‘racist’ because they don’t want to offend those in the middle. And Republican, worried about looking too much like the good-old-white-boys-club, are having a tough time keeping their legitimate  policy criticisms from losing power by carrying around the racist backage thrown at them.

There has been alot of ‘boo-hoo-ing’ by Democrats this past week after Rep. Joe Wilson interupted Obama’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress. After all, never have THEY been so rude to a Republican White President. (Of course, it doesn’t take much hard looking to find many examples where Dems are braying against Bush 43, but Dems must have a short memory.) I happen to agree that it was rude and I am glad Wilson apologized to Obama, and that should be the end of it. If we’re going to start quartering and keel-hauling members to sanction them, it seems we could start with some of the members who have problems with their tax returns or are sleeping with interns.

OK, so I would propose that this isn’t a BLACK problem…most all of us who have a bank account want the account to be in the BLACK and not the RED. And that’s generally what happens when we put our GREEN into our account and leave it there: a nice BLACK number. But when Obama goes and spends Billions and Trillions for bailouts and clunckers, suddenly he’s taking my GREEN leaving me with RED numbers. And not just RED numbers for me, but for my kids as well. Even my 6 year old with his $1/week allowance (which he has to earn with chores) knows that this isn’t a good deal.

Too many Americans are fed up with the way that government wants to get bigger, not only by widening but also by putting down more layers. The only purpose of these new bureaucracies is to spend money. For another look at this, visit this site: http://hotair.com/greenroom/archives/2009/09/12/the-spending-virus/ .

My advice – read, read and read. If you don’t understand what you are reading and hearing, try some different sites or speakers. Be educated on the facts, and not on the facts as someone tries to tell you they are. You’ll find there are alot of people out there who think just like you; there are also also who are just kooks. Honestly, most of the information I get today comes off of the internet, as I’ve found MSM to be too soft on liberals, but I do like to listen to both sides of the story, so I can make up my mind for myself.

Until next time…


Tea Parties & Taxes

Published April 16, 2009 by glaumland

Yea! Another tax day has come and passed, and that awful chore is done for a whole 9 months. I can’t decide if that is good or depressing. It was relatively painless this year EXCEPT for MO. Sorry MO, you seriously have a crappy tax form; much too difficult to understand and navigate, especially for the NR. The KS form is a breeze, especially the webfile.

At least we ended up with some little refunds this year, which is alot better than owing. I don’t know what to expect next year, but I’m not expecting anything good. We have lots of charitable giving and from what I understand, that’s one of the area’s we’re most likely to be affected. Ouch!

Speaking of being effected, the new “Congratulations you’ve got a job so here’s an extra $6/wk and we’ll tax it as income next year” payments started coming through in our checks. And we don’t even have the ability to opt out of it. It really makes me mad that the government is giving me “stimulus” money to tax me on without my having a say on if I want it. I’d rather just get paid for the wages I work and forget the extra government crap. Seems to me it’s just another case of big government saying “Don’t worry – we’re here to help.” HA!

I didn’t get to watch much news tonight, but it sounds like the tea parties nationwide went off pretty well today. I did hear one guy in KC interviewed. He was a DNC worker who said the expected stuff: “They’re just mad they lost the election,” “They’re trying to prove they’re relevant,” “They’re not really that organized…” BS all the way around.

And speaking of BS, I read that the official White House take on the Tea Parties was that our Dear POTUS didn’t really know anything about them. So either he’s really stupid (hmmm…that’s a tough call) or he’s just lying again. Let’s see…

Didn’t know that there were Tea Parties organized around the country. Check.

Didn’t know that his mentor Rev. Wright preached inflammatory garbage from the pulpit. Check.

Didn’t know that his co-chairman and fundraiser Bill Ayers was a terrorist. Check.

Didn’t know that you don’t bow to a foreign leader. Check. (But he didn’t REALLY!)

Didn’t know that there is an Office of Protocol to take of care of gifts for foreign dignitaries. Check.

Wow, no wonder he just voted “present” so many times. He really doesn’t seem to know much!

Well, gotta go make some tea. Until next time…