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Christians With Integrity

Published March 20, 2009 by glaumland

As I was perusing the web looking for some specific items, I came across some news articles that I found interesting. And since I’m sitting here on dial-up for several hours getting updates, I figured I would share them…

The first was a Wall Street Journal interview with Czech President Vaclav Klaus (via Power Line This is the first time I have heard of, or even heard, President Klaus, and I have to say I was very surprised. I found his arguments well thought out and well presented. He does not fall into the traps of bashing his opponents or of combining non-related issues. I wish we could elect him President of the USA. We need clear heads at the top to deal with the current economy,  and from the reports I’m seeing, there aren’t any in the present administration. President Klaus seems to have a very good perspective of what is needed to right the situation.

And not only does President Klaus seem to understand the global financial crisis, he doesn’t buy into the nonsense spouted from global warming alarmists. He correctly understands that being good stewards of our earth and reducing our pollution are totally different issues from global warming. Let’s face it: scientific facts just do not support global warming. It even appears that the king of global warming, former VP Al Gore, is afraid to an open debate on the topic.

The first two chapters in Genesis are some of my favorite passages from the Bible; they show us how incredible God is. He not only had an idea for the heavens and the earth, He created them & created the Laws of Science and Math that they follow. And although mankind has a sinful nature that degrades anything it contacts, I don’t believe that God’s creation and His power could be permanently tainted by man.

Another article I came across was from the BBC: . President Obama has reversed a Bush policy to allow our government to vigorously support embryonic stem cell research on new cell lines. Under the Bush policy, only cell lines developed before August 9, 2001 could be kept and used. It is NOT true that President Bush banned testing on ESC’s; what he did was to keep the government from funding the projects that wanted to develop, and then destroy, embryos. In other words, if research companies wanted to use their own or private funds for ESCR, they were able to, they just couldn’t look to the government to support them. (And since most companies don’t pursue this course with their own money, it obviously isn’t profitable. In fact, my opinion is that any scientist who is honestly looking at making gains in stem cell research would want to steer away from ESCR, which is fraught with social and spiritual implications, and use a plentiful and readily available stem cell resource: umbilical cord blood left over after the delivery of a baby.) To look at one example of a successful stem cell research program, check out my alma mater: .

According to the BBC article, Obama describes himself as a man of faith. As I wrote in an earlier blog entry, I don’t really know what that means. You see, he calls himself a ‘Christian,’ but his words and actions don’t really align with the Christian faith. For 20 years Obama attended a church where the pastor routinely used racially inflammatory and foul language from the pulpit. (Talk about a hate crime – to use a pulpit for something other than telling the Good News of Christ’s death and resurrection! And to expose your children to this garbage – amazing.) I don’t know a lot about this black liberation theology, but I do know that salvation isn’t about anything that humans do (no matter what color, gender, nationality, etc), but about what Jesus Christ has done for us. So like I said earlier, I don’t know what Obama means when he talks about his “faith.”

You see, for me, my “faith” isn’t something like a bumper-sticker on my car, or my Christian music turned up loud enough for the neighbors to hear, or to walk around campus waving a Bible and condemning co-eds. Funny enough, my faith isn’t even about me. It’s about my LORD. And it certainly isn’t about what I do, or don’t do, because I can never do enough. But I do hope that in some way people can see my faith through the way I live my life and by the choices I make. I want to talk the talk AND walk the walk. That’s integrity.

So you see, when the BBC says of ESCR, “Like Mr Bush, President Obama has profound Christian beliefs but he has defined the issue in terms of integrity,” I get really upset. To imply that integrity isn’t congruent with Christian beliefs is wrong. OK, I will be the first to admit that there have been a lot of very horrible things done in the name of “Christianity,” but that was a result of mankind sinfully and purposefully misrepresenting God. God has, from the very beginning, demanded that His followers live lives of integrity. That’s what the 10 Commandments are all about – it is not about saying one thing, then thinking or doing something to the contrary.

And now we have an administration where junk science will be put up on a pedestal, all in the name of integrity (as opposed to being held hostage by the previous administration). Education Secretary Arne Duncan said today, “Whether it’s global warming, evolution or stem cell research, science will be honored. It will be respected and supported by this administration.” Those of us who manage to be Christians and scientists at the same time need to be very wary of allowing these politicians and junk scientists  to speak for us all and to monopolize the public discussion.

Obama’s “profound Christian beliefs” don’t impress me. He worshiped with a man that preached anger and divisiveness rather than the love and forgiveness of God (at least until it became a political hotpoint). Some of the first legislation he enacted as president had to do with making more money available for abortions and for embryonic stem cell research (Hello! Embryos are babies, even if it’s above Barack Obama’s paygrade and Bill Clinton can’t figure it out.). And, when he is working without his teleprompter, he tries to make jokes in stupid and hurtful ways (just ask Special Olympics and Jessica Simpson). That’s not the behavior and actions I expect from my “Christian” leader.

If I want to learn something about my Christian beliefs, I’ll study my Bible (NIV). If I want to learn something about integrity, I’ll study my Bible. If I want to learn something about hypocrisy, I’ll study Obama.

Until next time…