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You Be The Judge – Who Is More Effective?

Published September 23, 2011 by glaumland

Happy US Energy’s Solar Decathalon Day! Too bad nobody remembered to order sunshine. The people who visited the competition at the National Mall had to walk around in the rain with umbrellas. I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere about climate karma, but honestly, with a price tag at $100,000 per team (19 this year) I don’t know what there is to laugh about.

The first thing I noticed http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/solar-decathlons-rainy-start_594112.html was that the price tag of the model shown came in at about $450-500,000. The goal is to create an energy efficient home, but at this rate nobody could afford one. That’s a great example of government INefficiency.

Now here are some examples of homes that entrepreneurs are developing to help create affordable housing: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/openhouse/  &  http://www.thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/ . Cute, affordable, and energy efficient.

OK, so we’ve paid nearly $200K for 19 government-sponsored homes, when we could have gotten 100 tiny homes from private industry. Remind me again, why the government isn’t good at this game?

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The FreeDumm-ies Of The Press

Published January 26, 2011 by glaumland

It’s been a while since I have read Animal Farm by George Orwell. It’s an amazing story and one that should be required reading for all (I know, that isn’t exactly freedom).

But perhaps as important as the story is the preface that was not printed with most editions of the book. How telling is that? Here’s an excerpt, thanks to Wikipedia:

“The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary. … Things are kept right out of the British press, not because the Government intervenes but because of a general tacit agreement that ‘it wouldn’t do’ to mention that particular fact.”

Now replace ‘England’ with ‘United States’ and ‘British’ with ‘American.’ Unfortunately, Orwell’s observation about the Brits during WWII is just as accurate about the Mainstream Media today. Whether the story (or absence of one) is about the economy, sharia, Obama-care, Sarah Palin, climate-change, abortion or many other topics, the MSM is out to promote their agenda, not to report facts. Just look at the TV line-ups and you see how much time is devoted to ‘opinion journalism’ from left and right. Where it used to be that an opinion of a publication was delivered on the editorial page, these days it seems that most journalists feel that it is their opinion of events, and not the facts, that are important.

Now I see a report that PBS Newshour is the most trusted source of news. Yeah, right. Personally, I figure since my tax dollars pay to keep Public Television on the air, it is good to keep an eye and ear on them. Imagine my surprise (silly me, I actually was!) that there was no coverage of the grand jury indictment handed down against Kermit Gosnell of the Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society. It is a big story, and bound to bring the issue of abortion to the national forefront. But I guess PBS isn’t interested. Not even a whisper on their show or website. And according to Brent Bozell over at Townhall.com, ” “CBS Evening News” had one story, NBC’s “Today” “offered 50 vague words and ABC couldn’t be bothered. Rachel Maddow anchored an entire hour-long special on the shooting death of abortionist George Tiller, but a Nexis search finds no one on MSNBC could even whisper the name of Kermit Gosnell. (CNN and Fox News each followed the story for a few days.)” Is that journalism?

Specifically, my take on the Gosnell story is that it isn’t even right to call this man a ‘doctor’ as physicians take an oath ‘to do no harm.’ How he got away butchering babies and women for decades is something I don’t understand. Here’s another quote: 

Associated Press reported, “Prosecutors described the clinic as a ‘house of horrors’ where Gosnell kept baby body parts on the shelves, allowed a 15-year-old high school student to perform intravenous anesthesia on patients and had his licensed cosmetologist wife do late-term abortions.”

 I’m not a proponent of medical lawsuits, but I think that the administrators for the Pennsylvania Department of State, Pennsylvania Dept. of Health, and the Philadelphis Health Dept. should be liable for damages. In whopping big amounts. Maybe there should be some convictions of public officials, as well. Hopefully the PA attorney general pushes this until the very end, not only convicting the people who did wrong, but also putting the fear of God into others who might think this is acceptable behavior. Read this post from Michelle Malkin for more horrific abortion scandals: http://michellemalkin.com/2011/01/26/beyond-the-philadelphia-horror/. The press better wake up soon because this is set to explode into a major national controversy.

I don’t believe abortion is right and I don’t believe it is a right. I was ambivalent about this issue when I was younger, thinking everyone should decide for themselves. However, my views were crystallized when we lost our first child at 14 weeks of pregnancy. The OB-GYN didn’t even realize the baby was gone, and a nurse talked about our ‘spontaneous abortion.’ That’s the medical term for miscarriage, but it is too many letters to write in a chart, so the abbreviation ‘SAB’ is used instead. To be told I had aborted my child, even with the qualifier of ‘spontaneous,’ was too much. Unfortunately, we lost that baby and two others. And I began to realize exactly how precious life is, especially those little lives. To some they may be ‘fetal tissue’ or a ‘cluster of cells’, but to me they are a miracle of creation, genetically unique from all other life.

But back to the main issue of this blog, which it the freedom of the press NOT to report news. When did it happen that journalists elevated themselves & determined that they should give us the stories that are important to them? Why do they think that their opinions are of any interest to us? Where do they get off preaching to us? How will this end?

Huh, isn’t that funny. I just asked the most important questions in journalism: Who, What, Where, When & How. And that’s all I ask; give me the facts and let me decide for myself what the news means to me.

By the way, here’s some other news that hasn’t made the news:

Staff Sargeant Patrick Zeigler was shot in the head 4 times by Major Hasan during the Fort Hood shooting (more aptly termed Act of War or Act of Terrorism, but you won’t see that in the MSM). Sargeant Zeigler has endured multiple surgeries to repair his head wounds, and has made tremendous strides in his recovery. His fiance and now wife Jessica has charted their journey at http://patrickjessica.blogspot.com/. Why is it that we’ve gotten moment-by-moment updates on Congresswoman Giffords but hardly any reports about the victims of Ft. Hood? Because it fits the message of the journalists.

Christians are being slaughtered by the scores in “moderate, peaceful” Middle East countries. (Oh, and let’s not forget Russia or China as well) Here’s a recent article in Big Peace: http://bigpeace.com/ipt/2011/01/16/the-middle-east-christian-onslaught/. I see that Al Qaeda is not only posting plans for making bombs on their websites, but now, for the sake of convenience  I’m certain, they are also posting the locations of Christian churches. Sure, I know that Islam is a peaceful religion. Sure, I know that I can’t use words like ‘terrorist’ or ‘extremist’ or ‘crusade’ because I might offend someone. Sure, I know that it isn’t right to profile people who prefer Arab dress. How do I know all of these things? Not because I decided they were true, but because the MSM told me so!

Lee Stranahan @ http://leestranahan.com/ has been doing extensive work on the Pigford Fraud. It looks as though our tax money that was set aside to compensate black farmers for discrimination has been wasted through excessive attorney fees and payments to people who aren’t (or weren’t) farmers. Lee interviewed two gentlemen that had aired their frustrations with this situation to Georgia Congressman Sanford Bishop (yeah, THAT Sanford Bishop, of the Congressional Black Caucus). In response, depending on the time of day and who he was talking to, Bishop reported that a) sure there was fraud but policing it wasn’t in his job description, b) he’s surprised to hear about any fraud and those gentlemen must surely be doing too much drinking, and c) sure there was fraud and that is why the legislation had anti-fraud provisions, and oh by the way, those gentlemen are just disgruntled. What a load of PIGCRAP from a man elected by Americans and paid by Americans to be in service to America. So what does the MSM have to say about this? (…Crickets…)

Ok, this turned into a really long post and rant. But my overall message is this…get out on the web and look at lots of news sites and really find out the stories that should be in the news. Take your opinions and your thoughts back from the MSM journalist and make up your own mind. It’s time we all started thinking and talking. Evil can’t survive in the sunlight.

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The Man & His Friends Have No Class

Published June 2, 2009 by glaumland

Watching Obama on NBC tonight. Some show about a day in the White House. I guess the idea was to catch him in the ‘unofficial’ moments. Excuse me, but when you are on the clock, and especially in front of the camera, you don’t act the way you do when you when you aren’t on the company dime and in the privacy of your own home.

Did you see…

a world leader on camera in front of press slouching in a limo with his feet up on the seat across from him?

a celebrity who had the condecension to remember and buy lunch for the guy who rode with him to the burger joint? (By the way, who paid for all those lunches?)

a gentleman whose hands were full so he stuck his face in the fry basket to get a fry?

an assistant who couldn’t pull his attention away from his blackberry long enough to give his guest by appointment his full attention?

a staffer lay a greasy bag of burgers straight on a  conference table? (I hope the cleaning staff at the WH have gotten a great big raise to clean up after these slobs!)

I don’t know about you, but if this is what it takes to be a president, I hope my children never aspire to it. They will have manners!

I can hardly wait until the next installment.

Until next time…

It’s update time!

Dear Hubby and I are in the  process of reviewing and reorganizing our investment and retirement plans. Things have gotten tighter, and we are feeling a crunch, just like so many US citizens. So we’ve had to make an adjustment to our lives, just like Obama asked us to do.

Forget about buying a new car: we’ll drive the ones whe have (averaging 10 years old) until they die. And we won’t buy from Government Motors.

Forget about having a date night: we’ll be going to Sonic tomorrow night for their free rootbeer floats. We especially won’t be heading anywhere with a large entourage to note our together time (doesn’t that make the WH Press Corps voyeurs?) or to protect us.

Forget about keeping our temperature at a comfortable level: we burned wood in the stove all winter and won’t even think about AC until July. We pay the electric bill out of our pocket, so all of that sweat and work to get firewood seems like a good trade-off.

Forget about family vacations; the kids will be camping in the backyard this summer with the 19 year old tent, hand-me-down play fort, and the goats. No trips to a resort whenever we want, no $14K play fort, and purebred romps for us.

Would I like to have some extravagances in my life? You betcha! Do I disdain those who have them? Absolutely not! Not, unless, I’m missing out on all those extra’s while paying for someone else to have them (while he’s telling me how much I should sacrifice).

The simple life is a good life; more politicians should try it. It might keep them from getting into so much trouble.

Until next time…

Burning Bums In Washington

Published May 31, 2009 by glaumland

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your kids learn the things that you did as a child, then getting to relive your childhood all over again. Little Boy has recently learned the phrase, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” It is too funny, and a really good opportunity to talk about truthfulness.

I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this phrase floating around Washinton, DC alot lately. It seems we are daily assaulted with government lies: who knew (or didn’t know) what & when, who did (or didn’t do) something, who promised something and then did the opposite. What does a citizen do to get at the truth? Moreover, what does a parent do to teach their kids that this isn’t acceptable? Where do you draw the line?

The Stupid Lie

I haven’t been able to see a full clip of Pelosi’s now famous newsconference, you know, the one where she accused the CIA of lying (it’s the dial-up/no cable thingy). I definitely understand the part of government that involves secrecy, subterfuge, and keeping your cards close to your chest; that’s all about national security. I may not like it in all of its parts, but I do know that I like feeling safe in my own home and community. It’s definitely a trade-off I can live with.

So to me it really doesn’t matter what Pelosi knew and when, and I think alot of people originally felt that way. The problem as I see it came when she tried to make this into a  political magic trick – trying to saw the previous administration into pieces without getting into the box as well. And so the desire for punishment of, and revenge for, supposed wrongs usurped her sense of decency and honesty.

It is almost funny to see a liar get so caught up in their own lies. The more they open their mouths and try to justify their words, the more entangled they become, until they are twisting uselessly, not knowing which way to turn. Kind of reminds me of seeing gar wrapped on a trotline – so wrapped up in fishing line that they eventually can’t get free. To bad they didn’t just open their mouths and let go. For a woman who has a reputation at being “over-prepared” on nearly every subject she has touched, I find it hard to believe that something like this just slipped through the cracks. More likely, her facts didn’t hold up the fantasy she wanted to believe. 

Silly fish, I mean Pelosi – too bad she didn’t just open her mouth and tell the truth. Would she have taken a hit from some of the Lefties? Probably. But it seems more reasonable to explain to them that you, like everyone else, was terribly afraid of allowing any more terrorist attacks on American soil. People get fear; most have the images of 9-11 burned into their memories. Those that can’t understand that and look to punish the last administration aren’t worth having on your team.

OK, so Pelosi has tarnished her reputation, big deal. Politicians do it all of the time. But the problem is that now she has accused the CIA of lying. Could the CIA lie? Probably. Did they? I don’t know. But I do know that if Pelosi seriously thought she was being misled half a decade ago, she has had plenty of time to privately approach the CIA and call them on it. And there doesn’t seem to be any paper trail of that. Instead, all of the memos, brief, minutes, etc., seem to show that Pelosi did know about the waterboarding and made no objection at the time. Again, the fact that she didn’t object at the time doesn’t outrage anyone except some of the Lefties, and certainly not the average American, by the polls I have seen.

The real problem with Pelosi’s Dagwood Sandwich of Lies is that the CIA, one of the most important institutions for our national safety, is second-guessing themselves on how they should proceed. They are the ultimate fall guys: if they don’t get the information and America gets attacked, they’ll take the blame. If they do what they must to get the information to keep us safe, they’ll get hung out to dry or prosecuted by our courts. Who would want a job like that? It’s a sad day when playing political games is more important than assuring our national safety – one of the foremost reasons for a national government.

Should Pelosi lose her seat for lying? No, because as you’ll see, she’s in fine company. But should she lose her speaker-ship? Definitely, because even Democrats deserve leadership they can believe in.

The Grandiose Lie

The poor schmucks. I can almost feel for them, because we all like to look important in front of our family, friends, and co-workers. But how far will we go to do that? Embellish? Exagerate a little bit? What does it matter when it’s only a story and nobody will know the truth anyway? I think this is one place where we all have been.

Poor Joe Biden. Now this guy is a real schmuck. He failed in his attempt to become President #44, then got picked to be VP to a guy who really doesn’t want anyone’s advice anyway. So Joe is left to making public appearances and trying to seem important.

He wants to impress us: that’s why the world now knows about the SECRET bunker at the VP’s residence. I’m sure that little tidbit impressed some people at the White House Correspondant’s Dinner.

He wants to astonish us: that’s why he told the world that he spent so much time with POTUS43 and was on-hand to give Bush a dressing-down. I’m sure that made the anti-Bush crowd chuckle with glee. Too bad that there are witnesses who say, “Not so, Joe!”

He wants to astound us: that’s why Joe tells the most egregious lies of all – those about his family. He wants us to think that he’s the first one in his family to go to college; he wants us to think he grew up as a coal miner’s son (  http://www.cdobs.com/archive/our-columns/joe-biden-is-definitely-a-characterbut-does-he-have-character,1583  ); and worst of all, he vilifies a man who was in the accident that killed his first wife and daughter ( http://stevemaloneygop.blogspot.com/2009_04_01_archive.html ).

What is even worse is that news ‘hacks’ like Katie Couric pick up on these lies and report them as truth, never thinking about the honest people who are hurt in the process. (And speaking of KC, I haven’t seen her lately…is she doing the news with pants on yet? Or are they still showing the side shots of her short skirts and long legs?)

Poor schmucky Joe. But by now almost everyone knows he is a serial liar: http://goatsbarnyard.blogspot.com/2008/10/documenting-joe-bidens-lies-during.html (I found this site while I was researching goats! – No offense to the goats intended!)

Ooo…I almost forgot one of my favorites! Thank You, Al Gore, for inventing the internet! And for authoring the Earned Income Credit bill (even though it passed 2 years before you even got to congress.) And for showing us the evils of global warming even though NOAA proves it has gotten colder.

The Omission Lie

I don’t buy newspapers anymore. Not only do I not have time to sit down and read them, it seems they just end up filling up the trash bin. I can’t watch cable to see the latest happenings so I get most of my news from the Internet. Which is just as well, because that way I can go to my favorite sources and those I deem most reliable and get both sides of any story.

Too many news resources, from newspapers to radio to television to WWW, have gotten just too weird.  You’ve got the mainstream news, who spend alot of time tingling over their favorite candidates or showing off their gorgeous gams. Looks to me like they want to be part of the news rather than just report it. And you’ve got the TV “newsmagazines” that like to tell you who in Hollywood is sleeping with whom, or who got arrested, or wore what dress. Like I really care. Hello! I’ve got a real life. I do like watching some PBS news, but it generally isn’t aired at a slot when I have time to watch.

I don’t listen to radio – it doesn’t work in my car. Ha Ha Ha! This is so funny – it’s like I’m really living under a rock! Besides, it is never as entertaining or noisy as a couple of kids in the back seat.

And the newspapers that we’ve depended on during the last century have seemed to be more interested in being a part of the news rather than reporting on it. Now it seems as even one of the oldest and most respected (?) newspapers in our nation has been caught in another lie: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/03/31/did-the-nyt-spike-an-acorn-story-to-benefit-obama/ . The New York Times has had some problems in the last few years with reporters making up stories, and now it looks like they’ve got problems reporting on real stories.

The Misdirected Lie

I’ve got to hand it to the Obama administration: when it comes to sneakiness, they are aces! Somebody figured out (and my bet is on Rahm Emanuel) that if do something controversial on Friday afternoon, it sits all weekend in the dark before any MSM starts reporting on it. And if you are really lucky, something really big happens over the weekend, and all of the big reports are on it. Now that is subterfuge! So much for the promise of transparency!

You must have the Obamascription Rose-Colored Glasses if you’re not watching these numbers: unemployment is already much higher than Obama’s fuzzy figures showed it going , the deficit is growing by leaps and bounds, and the GDP is shrinking: http://conservativemeanderings.wordpress.com/2009/05/02/the-obama-disaster-by-the-numbers/ .

Hmmm…I may now be penalized for being responsible with my money and paying my credit cards on time. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2009/05/20/obama-signing-friday-breaks-transparency-pledge/  Hey, what about the ginormous stimulus bill that had to be passed so fast because the sky would fall if it wasn’t. The Democrats formulated and passed the bill before Republicans had time to read it.

To top it all off – who tells us all of the bad news? That would be Gibbs – the smarmiest guy I have ever seen as the White House Press Dude. He seems to take particular interest in be-littling, smart-ass responses to anyone who dares ask a serious question. That way, all of the Obamabots begin laughing at the ‘joke’ and forget the question. I hope the MSM starts to catch on soon; the “we inherited it” and “I don’t know” answers are starting to get a little lame.

The Outright Lie

Wow! If you haven’t figured it out already, it’s really easy to make promises while you’re on the campaign trail. Mr. Obama promised transparency and a new way of doing government, but obviously he didn’t mean that he would be changing in any way. What I don’t get is that this seems to be such an easy promise to keep – the transparency of giving America 5 days to comment on non-emergency legislation before signing it. Now we hear explanations about “when the clock starts ticking”. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/may/26/obama-vow-to-delay-signing-is-subject-to-interpret/ When you look at the number of bills stacking up, Obama’s commitment to his inauguration day pledge looks pretty dismal. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/2009/04/27/obamas-transparency-average-drops/ 

And even before Obama took the oath of office, he was on the liar’s road. When it first became known that Illinois Governor Blago was auctioning the Senator’s seat, both Obama and Emanuel denied having any contact with the gov. Does that even make any sense? Why wouldn’t a governor and a senator have conversations about politics? Hello? Are we really that stupid? Finally, after there was proof, Emanuel admitted he did have contact with Blago. More info will probably come out as the proceedings against Blago continue; we’ll just have to wait and see.

And of course, two of my favorite lies: Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” (or was that John Edwards?) and “It depends upon what the definition of ‘is’ is.” But let’s face it, guys have been lying about sex for years; some just don’t lose the knack after they get out of college. Of course, it could just be that Bill & John were doing research into women’s rights and female empowerment.

There are lots more examples, but this topic is driving me nuts. I hope you get the idea, though, that there are alot of bums (slang for bottoms) on fire in Washington these days.

Until next time…

When Hypocrites Get Elected…

Published March 6, 2009 by glaumland

I know some of this is old news, but the ire I feel seems to get stoked more every day. My family has been so blessed by God, and with hard work and diligent financial planning, we are likely to weather this economic storm in pretty good shape. Thank goodness retirement is a long way off, though. But I can’t say the same for all of my friends.

Let’s face it: my friends are just everyday, normal Americans. (They’d probably laugh to hear me call them ‘normal,’ though!) And now I’m having to watch them struggle with paying their mortgages & utilities, worrying about employment, and even wondering how they can keep healthcare coverage for their families. And I frankly don’t have any answers, except to lend an ear or a shoulder and to keep them in my prayers.

From what our elected officials say, you’d think that they would understand the difficult circumstances that many Americans are in right now. Here’s what we’ve heard:

President Obama’s Inaugural Address: “…What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility — a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task. This is the price and the promise of citizenship…”

Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress 02/24/09: “…Now, I know there are some in this chamber and watching at home who are skeptical of whether this plan will work. And I understand that skepticism. Here in Washington, we’ve all seen how quickly good intentions can turn into broken promises and wasteful spending. And with a plan of this scale comes enormous responsibility to get it right…Our job is to govern with a sense of responsibility…So I ask this Congress to join me in doing whatever proves necessary…Given these realities, everyone in this chamber — Democrats and Republicans — will have to sacrifice some worthy priorities for which there are no dollars. And that includes me…As we stand at this crossroads of history, the eyes of all people in all nations are once again upon us — watching to see what we do with this moment; waiting for us to lead. Those of us gathered here tonight have been called to govern in extraordinary times. It is a tremendous burden, but also a great privilege — one that has been entrusted to few generations of Americans. For in our hands lies the ability to shape our world for good or for ill…”

Now, I’d better not hear anyone whining that I took the above quotes out of context. If you want to read or hear the speeches in their entirety, just go looking online. They’re easy to find.

OK, so America is being asked to suck it up, to tighten our belts, to let go of our extravagant and frivolous ways. But that doesn’t apply to everyone, just the commoners. Already, Wednesday has become party day at the White House with plans to make cocktail parties a Wednesday “tradition.” Gosh, I guess I should forget that Wednesday is “traditionally” a church night. Maybe I should start making plans with my friends for a new happy hour tradition. But we won’t be having waygu steak at $100 per serving – we’ll probably stick with hot wings, they’re expensive enough. Hmmm…I wonder if these White House party-goers have to be at work early the next morning. I’m guessing not, thanks to the next two stories.

Congress just got their annual pay raise (2.7% ), so the average congressman makes $174,000 per  year. Luckily for them, their raises are determined by private sector raises, and cannot be more than the raises for the general government employee. Gosh, I know that a lot of people, especially those who have lost their jobs, had their hours or benefits cut, would love to have that guarranteed raise. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2009/02/congress-gets-automatic-raise-now-paid.html 

OK, so they are getting more money. They work really hard. That must be why they need so much petty cash. What could you do with an extra $93,000 in mad money each year? That’s in addition to the $1.3-$1.6M they already get for their expenses. But don’t worry – it’s going to help the economy and their constituents. http://gatewaypundit.blogspot.com/2009/01/its-recession-congress-gives-lawmakers.html It gives a new meaning to MAD Money.

Let’s run the numbers: Uncle Sam is preparing to spend $4.4 BILLION on themselves, just in this year. Some of the money goes for maintaining and updating the Capitol facilities. That sounds reasonable. But then there is $800,000 so the gift shop can stay open for longer hours (but it also pays for event workers & guides). And don’t forget about the $480,000 to produce new informational brochures for the public. http://news.yahoo.com/s/mcclatchy/20090304/pl_mcclatchy/3181135

It looks like frugal living is only for the average American, not for the elected officials. In fact, with this new administration, it looks like rules only apply to average Americans. Like paying taxes. How many of us can get away with not paying them?

So I’ve come up with an idea to help the congressmen control their expenses. Since they are only working usually 3 day weeks, why doesn’t the government buy a nice hotel or two close to the Capitol where the legislators and their staff can stay while they are in town. They can have a cafeteria that serves nutritional food and a work-out room and pool so they can stay in shape. I’m sure DC has some busses & subways they could take to work or to the airport or to meetings. Or, if they really want to go green, let’s get those legs and bicycles working! Just imagine the Congress shedding pounds and dollars at the same time!

And with all of the money we are saving, perhaps we can afford to give visiting dignitaries some really nice gifts, instead of DVD deals from Amazon.com and plastic toys from the WH giftshop (was that on the first or second shift?). Sorry Mr Prime Minister Brown and the British nation, most Americans value our relationship. And some of us really love our Brit Com night on PBS!

So have courage, America, and hang in there. We’re all in this together.

Until next time…